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mga tol naalala pa ba ninyo ang star ranger (go ranger)  1975-77 isa sa mga longgest sentai na na aired. hindi ko na ito naabot panahon pa ito ng kuya ko mga dekada 70 ito rin ang pinagmulan ng mga sentai movies tulad ng bio man at power ranger medyo may pag kawirdo ang mga itsura nila may mukang goggles,may hart shape,may clover,at v shape at inverted v shape para silang mga jologs!!!


Himitsu Sentai Goranger (Secret Task Force Goranger)
84 episodes
Another movie: Bomb Hurricane
The first sentai series. The longest of the sentai series.

Black Cross sent five of itsMask Monsters to destroy Eagle's Japanese bases: Golden Mask:Eagle Kanto Base
Warrior Mask: Tohoku Base
Bronze Mask: Kyushu Base
Jade Mask: Hokkaido Base
Poison Gas Mask: Osaka Base
The survivors of the attacks were reorganized under CommanderEdogawa in Tokyo to form the Secret Task Force Goranger, armedwith Goranger Suits that gave them superhuman abilities. TheGorangers avenged their fallen comrades by defeating Black Cross'first five monsters and the others that followed

ang mga bida (heroes)
EAGLE (Earth Guard League)
An international peacekeeping organization whose mission is to defend the world from the Black Cross Army. The Gorangers belong to the Japan Block (division) of EAGLE.



Aka (Red) Ranger
Civilian Name: Kaijou Tsuyoshi
Leader of the Gorangers. Expert with guns and whips. Fought many battles to the death with Masked Generals as well as Masked Monsters and Zolders. A cool and calm tactician with a strong sense of responsibility. In many cases, he let himself be captured in order to infiltrate Black Cross bases. Originally a secret agent of the Kantou branch of the Japan Block of EAGLE. Lost his elder brother during the destruction of the Kantou branch. For that reason, strongly loathes evil. Fully trusts his teammates. Since he was once good at soccer, his kicking abilities are the best in the team. (Small wonder that he is the last to kick the ball in the Goranger Storm and Hurricane attacks.) Also good at disguise. [The actor who played Kaijou Tsuyoshi, Makoto Naoya, also appears in Fireman and Special Investigation Frontline and as Emperoro Bacchus Wrath in Ohranger.]

Naoya Makoto
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Ao (Blue) Ranger
Civilian Name: Shinmei Akira
Second in command of the Gorangers. Wields the Blue Cherry (later, the Ultra Blue Cherry) bow. Is unsurpassed at archery. A cool and capable decision maker, he has saved the team from many Black Cross traps. Skilled at piloting mecha such as the Variblune. Formerly a marksmanship instructor at the Tohoku branch of the Japan Block of EAGLE. [Played by the great Miyauchi Hiroshi, also in Keyhunter, G-Men '75, Kamen Rider V3, Zbat, JAKQ, the film The War in Space, Winspector, Solbrain, and in Ohranger.]

Hiroshi Miyauch
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Ki (Yellow) Ranger
Civilian Name: Ooiwa Daita [1-54, 68-84]
Strongest of the Gorangers. Originally 'armed' with the YTC radio; later acquired the Keysticker pole. Formerly a engineering researcher at the Kyushu branch of the Japan Block of EAGLE. Really likes curry rice. [The actor who played Ooiwa Daita, Hatakeyama Baku, passed away sometime before 1987.]


Ki (Yellow) Ranger
Civilian Name: Kumano Daigorou [55-67]
Replaced Ooiwa Daita, who became the commander of the Kyushu branch for a time. Dies when he is struck in the stomach by Can Opener Mask's Can Opener Cutter. eww!


Momo (Pink) Ranger
Civilian Name: Peggy Matsuyama
Expert at explosives. Armed with earring bombs, Pink Mirrors, and Pink Cards. Formerly a chemical analyst at the Hokkaido branch of the Japan Block of EAGLE. Has a Swiss father and a Japanese mother. If Momo means Pink then Ohpink was double pink? [The actress who played Peggy Matsuyama, Lisa Komaki, also played Miss America in costume in Battle Fever J.]

Lisa Komaki
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Mido (Green) Ranger
Civilian Name: Asuka Kenji
Youngest of the Gorangers. Armed with Greenmerang boomerangs. Originally from the Kansai branch of the Japan Block of EAGLE. [The actor who played Asuka Kenji, Itou Yukio, currently Shoudou Takeshi, also played the original Battle Cossack in Battle Fever J.]

mga armas (arsenal)

The five defeat Mask Monsters with the Goranger Storm soccer-ball kicking technique or the later Gorranger Hurricane football-kicking technique. The balls in many cases transform into whatever the particular Mask Monster is least fond of.

Commander Edogawa Kenpachi
The highest ranking person in EAGLE's Japan Block. The only person who can take direct command of the Goranger team. Also commands secret agents such as 007, et al. Normally poses as the manager of Snack Gon.

Agent 007 of Eagle
Civilian Name: Katou Youko
One of EAGLE's secret agents. Normally a waitress at Snack Gon.

Other agents include 008 (Hayashi Tomoko) and 009 (Nakamura Haruko). Katou Tarou (younger brother of 007) Boy who hangs out at Snack Gon, asking Ooiwa questions.

Snack Gon Small restaurant that serves as the secret entrance to Goranger headquarters. Destroyed in episode 44.


Red, Blue, and Green Machines (1-54) Motorcycles driven by the Red, Blue, and Green Rangers. The Yellow and Pink Rangers ride in the sidecars of the Blue and Green Machines; the Red Machine has no sidecar. Armed with explosives and sent to the Navarone Fortress, which exploded, taking them (but not the Gorangers) with it.

Red, Blue, and Green Stars (55-84) Replacements for the Red, Blue, and Green Machines.

Variblune (1-42)
Early flying fortress, propelled by helicopter blades under the craft. Blew up with Iron Man Mask Temujin aboard (but not the Gorangers, fortunately).

Varidreen (43-84) Bird-like replacement for the Varibloon.


Varitank (43-84)
Six-wheeled tank with claw arms that rolls out of the 'beak' of the Varidreen.

Variccune (passenger-carrying balloon; 69-84)

mga kalaban (villians)

Black Cross Army
An army of cyborgs whose goals are world conquest and the extinction of the human race. Black Cross Fuehrer Mysterious leader of the organization who resembles a KKK member. Turns out to be the Black Cross Castle himself (!). [Originally played by Andou Mitsuo, who also did villainous roles in the original Giant Robo, Kikaider, and Spider-Man.]

(General) Sunring Mask (15-20)
First of the generals. From Africa.

General Iron Mask Temujin (21-42)
Second general. The 'Demon of the Mongols' from the Gobi desert. Died taking the Variblune with him.

General Firemountain Mask Magman (42-54)
Third general. From the Ekra (sp?) volcano of Iceland.

Great General Golden Mask (55-84)
Final general. From Africa, of course. Resembles a pharaoh. Brought back to life by the Black Cross Fuehrer himself. Has his own personal guards. Into magic and astrology. Turned himself into gold dust as a final gesture to tell the Fuehrer where the Goranger headquarters was. Mask Monsters Monsters of the week. Zolders Grunts in black. Battlers and Condlers Bat-winged fighter planes.

Mobile Fortress Navarone (43-54)
Earthen pyramid that can open up to reveal cannons, the 'Guns of Navarone'. Appears suddenly from under the Earth and can burrow anywhere.

Black Cross Castle (64-84)
Gigantic flying battleship shaped like a black cross with its bridge tower at its center. Film: Bomb Hurricane