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YUYU HAKUSHO ( ghost fighter )


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Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter)'s story is about Yusuke (Eugene) and his friend's adventures.

               Eugene (Yusuke) was knocked down by a car (in the second page of the manga tree/ the first 15 seconds of the animation) when he tried to save a child. However, his death was unexpected and totally out of Reikai's (spiritual world) planning, so his spirit was given a chance to go back to his body, to continue his life. Later he became a detective of Reikai.

               His first mission was to get back three Reikai artifacts, a sword, an orb and a mirror, stolen by three youkais (demon), including Dennis (Kurama) and Vincent (Hiei).

               Eugene killed the first one, defeated Vincent (Hiei) and helped Dennis (Kurama), who soon became very important friends with Eugene, together with Eugene's so-called rival, Alfred (Kuwabara) later in the story.

               With the support and encouragement by their friends, Jenny (Keiko), Jerico (Koenma), Charlene (Botan), Master Jerimiah (Genkai), Suzy (Shizuru), Mikaela [(Yukina)Who, unknowingly to Alfred is Vincent's sister], etc. They defeated many enemies including the Roku Yukai Team, Black Magic Team, Unggatogi Team, and the Toguro Team at the Ankoku Bujutsukai, a fighting tournament, held in which Eugene's team was forced to participate as 'guests', for if they backed out, they would be killed. If they won, they could have anything they want, but if they lost, the price of failure is death. They also fought Sensui and Itsuki to prevent the opening of the gate to Makai and many other youkais.

               At the end of the story, Euguene turned out to be a descendant of a very powerful S-level youkai, Raizen, which Eugene found out on his trip to Makai, but he came back to Ningenkai (human world) in the end. Alfred became very hard working, and got into a university. Dennis stays in Ningenkai and work in his "father's" company. Vincent stays in Makai, he seems to stick with Mukuro. Jenny got into university and study to become a teacher. Mikaela stays in Ningenkai, temporally living in Alfred's home. Master Jerimiah had died soon after Eugene detonated a 'bomb' in Reikai, a major event that held many hostages, including Jerico and Charlene. The other characters had their own tomorrow, most of them satisfactory.

               In the beginning of the series, Eugene dies while trying to save a child from being struck by a car. Jericho, administrator of the Spirit World, gave the hero a chance to live again on the condition that he becomes a spirit detective. His first case actually involved two of his would be allies, Dennis, a fox demon turned human and Vincent, a fire demon. Eugene succeeds in defeating the thieves and retrieves the stolen items from them. Later, he and his old rival Alfred tries out as apprentice to Jeremiah, master of the Spirit Waves. Eugene was chosen and he underwent major training which further improved his abilities and skills.

               His next mission required the help of Alfred, Dennis and Vincent. Together, they stopped Lazarus and his minions in their plot to gain control of the humans. After this, Eugene was sent to rescue Michaela from the clutches of a rich, evil man. Here they encountered Toguro who pretended to be defeated by the duo. They were able to rescue Michaela with the help of Vincent who does not divulge that he is actually the girl's lost brother. Later, Eugene was shocked to know that Toguro was still alive who then challenge him and his friends to join the tournament of the other world.

               The team, sponsored by Jericho, is compose of Eugene, Alfred, Dennis, Vincent and Master Jeremiah. Before the final battle can begin, Toguro easily killed Jeremiah, who turned out to be his former teammate in the same tournament which they won, 50 years before. In the end, Eugene, using the powers given to him by Jeremiah prevailed over Toguro. The victory fortunately led to Jeremiah's revival and they again face another challenge ahead of them.

               A group led by a former spirit detective, Sensui wants to destroy the barrier separating the human world from the Netherworld, a dimension where the most powerful of demons exist. The enemy kidnaps Alfred whom they discovered to be the only one who can break the barrier. Eugene, along with his friends and some new allies overcame great obstacles and enemies before being confronted by Sensui. The ensuing battle between Sensui leads to Eugene's death who was revived by Puu, his alter ego monster, transforming both of them into more powerful versions of themselves. Sensui was finally defeated, a plight which he himself committed to achieve - to be killed by a powerful opponent. 
 During the course of the fight against Sensui, Eugene learns that he is the son of Raizen, ruler of the Netherworld. He decides to go to this world and meets his dying father. With the death of the ruler, there is a power struggle, and both Dennis and Vincent are recruited by Yomi and Mokuro respectively, who are rivals to the throne. To resolve the problem, Eugene proposes that a tournament be held to decide who gets to rule. Eventually, Eugene, Dennis and Vincent lose the contest and the tournament is won by one of Raizen's friend. Eugene disappeared after the tornament, Vincent stays behind in the Netherworld and Dennis returned to the human world. After three years, Eugene reappears again and the friends are reunited.


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(*Power is pronounced as "Powa".*)

Machi no hito gomi kata ga butsu katte hitori bochi
Hatena isogen kaze ga bibiito hitori bochi
Dochida rou nakitaku naru basho wa?
Futatsu maru-o tsukete cho biri otona sa!

Mecha-mecha, kurushi kabe da ete fuini naze ka
Fuchi kowasu yuki to POWER, waite kuru no wa!
Mecha-mecha, kibishii hito-tachi ga fuini miseta
Yasashii sa no, seida-o tari suru n darou, ne?
Arigato Gozaimasu!

Dek'masu wa POWER

Im-ma-de nan-kai yoroshii kuto genki ni sate n dadarou
Im-ma-de nan-kai sayonara to naite wasure ta darou
Dochida rou kurabete oi tatsu wa naka ni iuru kaite
Chobiri otona sa!

Mecha-mecha, hadoshii tokidatte fuini naze ka
Nori koeru yuki to POWER, wa ite kuru no wa!
Mecha-mecha, yasashii hito chigai ga fuini miseta
Kibishisa no sei da o-tari suru n darou, ne?
Arigato Gozaimasu!

Mecha-mecha, kurushi kabe de ate fuini naze ka
Buchi kowasu yuki to POWER, waite kuru no wa!
Mecha-mecha, kibishii hito-tachi ga fuini miseta
Yasashii sa no, seida-o tari suru n darou, ne?

Dek'masu wa POWER!

Mecha-mecha, hadoshii tokidatte nasurenai yo
Itsu ma demo yuki to POWER, naku sanai yo
Mecha-mecha hitori bochi no hito ni ageru
Kuchibiru no ura gawa ni kakushitearu
Hohoemi No Bakudan!