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Gundam Wing Storyline

Now anyone who has seen Gundam Wing would know, that a complete summary that left out nothing, and was detailed, would take years to write, and take up tera-bytes of hard drive space (maybe exaggerated, but I am making a point). So I have done the most I could, and left out a lot, but it should suffice.

The year is After Coloney 195. Space colonies had been made to house the overly large population. The Earthsphere Alliance has complete control of the Earth and the colonies. But they brutally oppress the colonists. To counter attack the Alliance's tyranny, five advanced mobile suitsē are sent to Earth, disguised as shooting stars.

ēmobile suits are powerful weapons that are piloted by humans, the advanced ones are the Gundams.

Well while they are travelling down, Zechs Merquise, (the Colonel of an organization hiding within the Alliance called OZ.) sees one of the suits (01 Wing Gundam) and attacks it. Well he is an extremely talented pilot, and he manages to put up a good fight, even with the most basic suit around (a Leo suit). So in the end, his suits plows the Gundam into the sea, and neither of the pilots are hurt. Other areas on Earth, are currently being attacked by Gundams, while this is going on.

The pilot of the Gundam (Heero Yuy), is an anti-social guy (much like Cloud and Squall), and is very devoted to his missions, and he has a death wish. So he thinks he has failed and tries to destroy his Gundam. (I will be typing Gundam alot, so I will now call them a 'G'.)But first he enlists in a fancy school where Relina (I hate her guts, just like Selphie) goes. Relina is the daughter of Vice Foreign Minister Dorlan, who is basically the ambassador to the colonies. So he uses the schools resources to get hold of torpedoes. Relina has seen him wash up on shore earlier, and she is curious so she tries to invite him to her birthday party, he says "I will kill you!" (good for him! I would've done the same thing) But at the same time, OZ has found the G, and is trying to take it, but another G (Deathscythe, piloted by Duo Maxwell) has also found it. So Duo kicks the crap outta' OZ and takes the G, but while he is coming back, he meets with Heero, and this whole killing Releena thing happens, but in the end of it all, Heero ends up in a hospital.

It is cool because Heero can control his heart beat and brain waves, so he keeps the hospital thinking he is still unconscience. Duo realizes that Heero is an ally (all of the pilots have nothing to do with each other and don't know about one another), and helps him escape. In the mean time, another G (Heavyarms [my favorite], piloted by Trowah Barton) attacks an OZ base, and meets yet another G (Sandrock, piloted by Cuatre Rababah Winner [a rich kid]) and they go back to Cuatre's mansion.

So the next few episodes, are the G's attacking various bases, and learning about one another. You meet Shenlong and Wu-Fei Chang, that last of the G and pilot pair. (Wu-Fei has this thing with weak people not fighting). But Releena also goes into space with her father, and he is assasinated by Lady Une (one of the top leader of OZ). With Dorlan's final words, he tells Releena that she was adopted, and that she is really Releena Peacecraft, aire to the Peacecraft nation. (known for their devotion to total pacifism).

Then OZ really steps in. All of the Alliance leaders go to a meeting, and discuss peace plans. Actually all of these leaders, are only the pacifistic and good ones, including Marshal Noventa. All five of the G's attack, coincidentally, and the meeting must be evacuated. So Treize Kushranata (the head of OZ) and let them use his plane. Now the G's are only attacking OZ, not the Alliance, so since they were in an OZ jet, Heero sliced it in two with his beam saber. And OZ was spotless. So after this, OZ had prepared troops, and captured many Alliance bases, and became the new world power (although, some Alliance bases were still there). While this is going on, Zechs Merquise, is building a mobile suit, that is considered obsolete, although it is extremely powerful.

Heero is in shock by what he did though.

More battles take place, and OZ targets the G's and tries to destroy them. Zechs liberates his homeland, the Cinq Kingdom, and you find out that he is really Milyardo Peacecraft, another aire to the Peacecraft nation, which is in the Cinq Kingdom. He only hides behind is Zechs mask, so he can take revenge on the Alliance, without being a Peacecraft.

As a well planned scheme to get the G's, Lady Une sets up a trap in Siberia. They are shipping the new Taurus suits (very advanced, but no Gundams), to space and the G's quickly come to destroy the shipment, but many suits await, and the G's have one big fight. Heero meets with Zechs and they have a battle (now Zechs is in Tallgeese, his obsolete/advanced suit), but they can't finish because Lady Une targets the colonies, and threatens to fire missiles at them, if the G's don't surrender. So Heero self-destructs, but doesn't die. Treize (who is very honorable and chivilrous), gets pissed at Lady Une, for using such dishonorable tactics, and the G's can get away. But back at the battlefield, Zechs salvages Wing G, and starts to rebuild it, so he can finish his battle with Heero.

Heero is taken by Trowah, and is nursed back to health by him. Then Zechs invites them to Antarctica to finish the battle. OZ catches on to Zechs plan, and frowns upon it. They send Inspector Oct, to investigate, but he meets his demise, when Trowah kicks his ass. But OZ is aware of Zechs plan now, and considers him a traitor.

Oh yeah! Behind OZ is the Romafeller Foundation, which is a lot of aristocrats. So basically Treize is the leader of OZ, but Duke Durmail, is the head of Romafeller, so Treize is his subordinate. Now with the growth of OZ many people want to rise in the ranks of the Foundation, so they are all trying desperatly to prove themselves.

But anyway, Zechs and Heero fight, but it is cut short once again, by the search party from OZ. Heero and Trowah escape, while Zechs give himself up (but he manages and doesn't die later on, so don't worry).

Now OZ has sent the Taurus's out to space, and is conquering the Alliance in space. Lady Une is sent, and she is now an ambassador, who makes peace, so the colonies accept OZ, and consider the G's their enemies. (yes, now the G's homeland has betrayed them) The G's desperatly rush out to space to fight OZ. Eventually, all of the G's are destroyed, accept Wing G and Heavyarms. Trowah goes undercover and joins OZ, while Heero just goes on more missions. Deathscythe and Sandrock are destroyed, but Cuatre starts to rebuild Sandrock. The scientists that made the G's are all captured, and put to work making suits for OZ, so they make the Mercerius and the Vayaete. Trowah and OZ find Heero, and imprison him, but Trowah persuades OZ to let him and Heero pilot the two new suits.

And while this is going on, Engineer Tubirov (a butt ugly guy) develops Mobile Dolls which are auto piloted. They have faster reaction and speed time. Treize opposes this, for he values life, and wants real human soldiers to fight. So on the moon, Tubirov manufactures suit after suit, and Shenlong is captured and brought there.

Well Wu-Fei suffers the same fate as Heero, they are both captive test pilots. Duo is also captured and brought to where Wu-Fei and Heero are. The scientists start to rebuild Shenlong and Deathscythe (once they are finished they are Altron and Deathscythe Hell). Trowah is still undercover, which is good, because he was able to prevent a coloney from being obliterated.

Cuatre gets a hold of Wing Zero, a mobile suit far superior to any other currently in action. It enhances the pilot's reaction and speed (actually it also makes them kind of see into the future, but it also makes them almost crazy and must be used by an extremely well trained person). He is still mad from his father's death. Oops!!! I forgot again. He revisited his father in space, and at the time, he was in a conflict with the coloney. The coloney wanted to arm themselves, but Cuatre's father wanted peace, so instead of letting that happen, he detached part of the coloney, but was sadly shot down and blown to pieces. But anyway, Cuatre is mad/crazy/freaked up/in my opinion high on some space drug, and now he has a powerful G. So he attacks, and Trowah and Heero are sent out on the Vayeate and the Mercurius, to attack him. The Vayeate is destroyed and Trowah is sent plummeting into space (luckily he does not die, if he did, I would be pissed).

Back at the Lunar Base, the scientists, Wu-Fei, and Duo, are all dying because their air is being cut off by Tubirov. But Lady Une comes in and lets them go, before getting shot by Tubirov (she isn't dead though). So Altron and Deathscythe Hell are 70% ready, which is enough for Wu-Fei and Duo. They get in, and destroy some of the new suits, the Virgo Mobile Dolls.

Treize, opposing the mobile dolls, steps down from his position as leader of OZ, and seeing this, many loyal soldiers break of and create the Treize faction.

There is a lot more left, so I will speed this up, for both of our sakes.

Releena is now in the Cinq Kingdom, where she is running a pacifist girls school. Dorothy, a girl who loves war, and is the descendant of Duke Durmail, comes to learn, and pisses off Releena with her contradictory beliefs. Now Heero and Cuatre go back to Earth. Many battles and episodes pass, and Tubirov gets killed, halelujah! Heero and Cuatre continue fighting on Earth. The Epyon is built, and it also has the Zero System. Heero gets it, and at the same time, Zechs finds Wing Zero in space, and claims that. Then they battle, and the suits are switched.

A group called the White Fang, gets control of a gargantuan battleship, that OZ was building, known as Battleship Libra. The White Fang ask Zechs to be their leader, and he accepts. More stuff happens, that isn't to vital, except, now Releena is the queen of the Earth, but that is a long story, and her royalty doesn't last long.

Situation Check: Now Trowah has been found (although he got amnesia, and was back in the circus) but he continues fighting anyway. The other 4 pilots are there too, and they have all piloted Wing Zero at some time, so they know who their enemies are. They are all on a spaceship, called Peacemillion, with Sally Po, and Noin. And their opposers, the White Fang, have made hundreds of Virgos, and they have a giant battleship that can destroy the planet with its beam cannon.

So Zechs says he will destroy the planet, to end all wars. Treize is back in da' house, and he sends his army of Leos, and himself (in the chic Tallgeese II). There is a terrific battle in space and they all fight, Heero against Zechs, Wu-Fei against Treize. Peacemillion plows itself into the beam cannon, and destroys it. Wu-Fei kills Treize in a duel, and Heero is losing to Zechs, but then Zechs stays behind to fix the reactor, from plowing into Earth.

Now a chunk of Libra, is still falling, but it is enough to make the planet go boom boom. Heero takes his beam cannon and destroys it. Then Duo says "When we get back, let's have a party with some fine champagne." and Cuatre dorkily says (probably not in the uncut version though) "As long as it's non-alchohalic." It is hilarious.

So now the war is over for now. The world is now run by the Earthsphere Unified Nation. Releena is the Vice Foreign Minister (like her father, but I can't help wondering, who is the Foreign Minister). Although later she becomes the leader of Earth. That is basically the summary.



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