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Nagare Ryoma
The original leader of the Getter Team and pilot of Getter One. After being unjustly imprisoned for the mysterious murder of Dr. Saotome and haunted by the memory of Michiru's death in a tragic Getter accident, Ryoma was freed from prison to spearhead the fight against the resurgent force of Invaders.
Jin Hayato
A member of the original Getter team and pilot of Getter Two. The man whom was actually responsible for the alleged murder of Dr. Saotome while under Invader mind control. Haunted by his past, he became the commander of the Robot Army in the years after the Getter bomb detonation. As his once admirable strength as a combat soldier faded, he took up the roll of a strategic leader. Though he still kicks ass in a Getter...
Kuruma Benkei
An original member of the Getter team, Benkei became a leader in the underground army after the apocalyptic Getter bomb devastated the world's population. A man with a strong moral compass and a bad temper, Benkei struggled to reform the Getter team and to fight the final battle against the forces that were responsible for the destruction of the world he loved.


Professor Saotome
Professor Saotome was a brilliant scientist and leader who once saved the world from the Invaders during the Lunar Wars with his invention of the incredibly powerful Getter Robos. Once the enemy was vanquished, however, the world soon turned against him and his invention. Murdered by Hayato, he mysteriously returned from the dead. His anger and desire for vengeance drove him to extreme measures. Then, once he fell under the control of the Invaders, he finally became humanity's worst nightmare.
A genetic creation using the combined DNA of Genki and Michiru, Go is yet another one of Professor Saotome's creations. Born fully-grown and disconnected from the world, Go became a leader of the new Getter team. Silent and introspective, Go's motivations are not always clear and his loyalties are constantly in question.
Kei is a fierce fighter and the cornerstone of the new Getter Robo team. Together with Go and Gai, Kei battles the Invaders and Saotome's insane ambitions where ever they should present themselves around the world
Saotome Genki
Professor Saotome's child, Genki was an eyewitness to her father's murder. Mistaking Ryoma as the murderer, she slipped into a catatonic state from which she never recovered. Raised as a boy by her father, Genki's identity was always a mystery. It became even more so after the Getter bomb blast.
Tomoe Musashi
An original member of the Getter team and Benkei's best friend, Musashi became Genki's caretaker and guardian after Saotome's murder. A sardonic and strong fighter, he led the fight against the renewed Invaders leading up until the catastrophic detonation of the Getter bomb.
Dr. Cohen and Dr. Stinger
Two brilliant scientists who fell under the influence of the Invaders, Cohen and Stinger caused the destruction of the United Nations Security Council and the detonation of the Getter bomb, which rendered most of the planet an apocalyptic wasteland. They returned, renewed and endowed with great powers, to hinder humanity's efforts against the renewed offensive attacks by the Invaders. A terrible combination of genius and evil, Cohen and Stinger are the Earths most unrelenting opponents.
The Invaders
A diabolic alien race with an incredibly fast evolutionary process, the first apperance of these cosmic destroyers led to a brutal series of lunar conflicts known as the "Lunar Wars." While their overall motives remain a mystery, the Invaders live for the senseless slaughter of the human race and will travel to no ends to see all of humanity purged from the Earth.






From Beyond the Grave
Years before, Mankind had fought through a savage series of battles against a mysterious alien threat on the Moons surface in what was known as the Lunar Wars. Years later, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Getter technology innovator Dr. Saotome returns from the dead to seek his revenge upon those who have been using his Getter technology to further their own ambitions. The alien Invaders, long believed annihilated years before, renew their attack against humanity. Ryoma Nagare, the elite Getter pilot who took the blame for Dr. Saotome's alleged murder, is released from prison. Right before him, the most desperate battle in the course of human history is about to be waged between the resurgent alien Invaders and the last few surviving Getter robots.
Shin Dragon: God or Devil?
Dr. Saotome continues his maniacal plan to unleash his vengeance upon the human race using a weapon of infinite power. Meanwhile, fellow Getter pilots Musashi and Hayato Jin join the fight to try and put a stop to Dr. Saotome's insane ambitions. Meanwhile Go, Dr. Saotome's latest creation, continues his mysterious work as the Invaders continue to position themselves to destroy mankind. Ryoma and Hayato, Saotome's actual murderer, meet again and the flames of their antagonism are fanned into a raging inferno. However, their desire to kill each other is put on hold as they are forced to work together in order to fight off two vicious monsters in Dr. Saotome's lab. Meanwhile, Cohen and Stinger set in motion their own plan and take control of the U.N. Security Council.
Goodbye, Getters!
Cohen and Stinger unleash their plan and the Invaders seize control of the U.N. Security Council as a Getter Bomb is launched towards Japan. Ryoma and Hayato, piloting Saotomes latest creation, Shin Getter, race against time to prevent the detonation of the Getter Bomb. Pilots young and old scramble to save the world from this terrifying new menace. Benkei takes Genki and escapes into an underground shelter. Unfortunately, their efforts are in vain, and the bomb explodes over Japan, unleashing a holocaust upon humanity.
After the Blast
Thirteen years have passed and the Earth is now a ruined wasteland, the remnants of humanity forced underground by the planet's inhospitable conditions. The Invaders managed to survive the cataclysm of thirteen years before and continue their reign of terror as the dominant force on the planet. Dr. Saotome's ultimate weapon, the imposing Shin Dragon, rises from the scorched ruins to fulfill its original purpose. Benkei now leads a small company of pilots that managed to survive the devastating Getter Bomb blast, including his daughter Kei. The lives of these refugees are further shaken by the unexpected arrival of the mysterious Go.
The New Generation
The newly formed Getter Team runs head on into resentment and racism. Survivors of the bomb explosion blame the Japanese for developing the technology which ruined the world. The Invaders launch a new offensive. Hayato, now commandeer of the Robot Army, leads the defense from the Control Tower. Cohen and Stinger return from their thirteen-year absence with a vengeance.
The Awful Truth
The maniacal Dr. Saotome returns from the dead once again, now completely aligned with the Invaders he once fought to destroy. In a sinister move, he reveals the true identity of Kei to the shocked observers who stand with her. Kei charges off in a rage to destroy the mad doctor. Go tries to stop her, to no avail.
Into the Dragon
Shin Dragon comes to life and a terrible battle ensues between hybrid Invaders and the Robot Army. Go and Kei are taken into the Dragon, where their genetic and mental encoding are downloaded and exchanged. Benkei learns of Go's true heritage as the genetic offspring of Saotome and Michiru. The team discovers another of Saotome's creations - an enormous flying battle vehicle, the Whale. The battle comes to a premature conclusion when the Shin Dragon vanishes.
Blood and Ice
The global search for the elusive Shin Dragon continues. Benkei and the team are dispatched to an experimental collective in Alaska, which has recently come under attack by the Invaders. Gai, Kei, and Go help the settlers fight off Invaders and the reanimated corpses of their own dead. Just as the Shin Getter faces destruction, a mysterious black Getter arrives and deals the Invaders terrible justice. The team is left in the ragged pieces of its wake.
Battleground: Manhattan
The Getter team answers a distress call from New York City. It turns out to be a trap set by Saotome and they are soon under a fierce attack by Invaders. Black Getter arrives and helps them. The identity of its pilot is soon revealed, much to the surprise of the Getter team. They fall deeper and deeper into Saotome's trap as Invaders from all over the globe converge on the Pacific.
War in the Pacific
The Getter Team extricates itself from Saotome's trap by melting down the Whale's reactor core and sinking Manhattan. Saotome, Cohen, and Stinger are absorbed into Shin Dragon, who is then reborn as an organic hybrid serpent with a terrible Getter beam at its disposal. The Getter Team arrives to join the fight, but Go is suddenly pushed into a catatonic state by his divided loyalties. The Shin Dragon easily rebuffs the Team. Benkei and Ryoma pilot the Shin Getter into battle once again.
In desperation, Hayato pilots the Tower in a suicide attack on the Shin Dragon, and Shikishima perishes in the ensuing explosion, on the verge of a revelation about the true nature of Getter energy. Benkei, Hayato, and Ryoma go head-to-head against Saotome in a terrible battle of might and wits. Saotome uses their memories and past alliances against them, and fights them both physically and mentally. The Getter team is rescued by the spirits of Michiru and Musashi, their fallen comrades, and Go guides Ryoma through unleashing the most devastating attack of the Shin Getter. Cohen and Stinger escape, but Saotome sacrifices himself to contain the Invader within, and charges the Getter team to save humanity.
Help from the Stars
As Gai, Kei, and Go struggle to master the mighty Shin Dragon, Ryomas Shin Getter team fights a losing battle to hold back the Invaders desperate assault. Fortunately, the assistance of Major Schwartz and the remaining fighters of the Robot Army is enough to allow the Shin Dragon to absorb the entire worlds Getter Rays. The heroes rest is short-lived, however, as it is revealed that Gos life was lost in the activation of Shin Getter. Furthermore, the escaped Cohen and Stinger reach Jupiter and attempt to convert it into a Getter Ray Sun! The three Shin Getter pilots, accompanied by the Robot Army and the surviving Japanese military, launch into battle against hopeless odds, fighting to destroy Jupiters moon Ganymede before it is flung into the Earth! But even Shin Getters power is not enough, and as all hope seems lost, activity is detected from the smoldering crater of Shin Dragons resting place...
Evolution's End
The Shin Dragon, transformed into a combat machine of unparalleled power, easily destroys the rogue moon. Kei and Gai are overjoyed to discover that a revived Go sits at its controls! Those three, accompanied by Benkei, Hayato, and Ryoma of the Shin Getter, travel through a wormhole to Jupiter, where they fight an all-out brawl against Cohen, Stinger, and a legion of Invaders. Even the destruction of these two fiends is not enough to stop the Invaders, however, who turn their assault to the very fabric of spacetime itself. Pluto is destroyed, and the damaged Getters have only one chance to stop the Invaders - the ultimate attack mode of the Shin Dragon, fueled by the dying energies of Shin Getters own Getter reactor! The six charge into the Invaders distortion, and Benkei, Ryoma, and Hayato join the ranks of the eternal Getter warriors, destined to fight against the Invaders for time beyond meaning.