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Height: 58 m
Weight: 600 tons
Flying Speed: Mach 20
Pressure Power: 2000 tons
Energy: Electromagnetic Energy
Assembly Time: 8.0 seconds
Assembly Time after Power-Up Ultramagucon
                                 was Implanted: 6.8 seconds.

  Voltes V was created by Tadao Nagahama, and this is an unofficial homepage.  I humbly thank all the websites that I gathered Voltes V data from.  Some files were originally scanned by me, sources from other webpages are duly accredited in the credits/links section, enjoy!

    Voltes V was first broadcast on TV Asahi on June 4, 1977 and lasted 40 episodes until March 25, 1978.  Voltes was broadcast in a dubbed (english) version  in the Philippines in that year.

Project Hercules
The Birth of Voltes V


In the beginning, the defense system was planned to be in the form of a huge and gigantic robot that carried a number of special weapons. Design specifications by Dr. Armstrong change his plan. Instead of creating one defense system, Dr Armstrong suggested the creation five separate and independent defense system which could with each other to form a sixth defense system which incorporate the five previous one to make a powerhouse defense system.

The members of PROJECT-HERCULES immediately went to work. For several years, the scientists worked feverishly. Throughout all the stages of development, giant leaps in technology were to solve many engineering, chemical and metallurgical problems. In all these breakthroughs, Dr Armstrong was either the inventor or developer. Among the many achievements of PROJECT: HERCULES are:

  • The development of Titanium-Platinum alloy reinforced diamond crystals to with stand the terrific thermal (heat) created by flying at speed of Mach 6 and above. (So far, only the X-15 is able to match this speed while this allows the Voltes Crewzer to fly at speed of Mach 20.);
  • The creation of an instantaneous response system through the use a gigantic hydraulic system which is able to provide a motor response at 0.1 of a second;
  • The thrust velocities that make the possible speeds of around Mach 20 are obtained through nuclear reactors of the fusion type. These Fusion Drive Engines are small compared to the commercial Nuclear Reactors plants of the 1970's.
  • The joining of the five separate defense machines is made possible by the releases of tremendous electromagnetic power that polarizes the combining components of each machine. Thus, Voltes V is locked to together not by ordinary method but through tremendous magnetic energy.

  Completed, the defense system known as Voltes V is a scientific achievement surpassing today's technology by several hundred years. More than this, it shows what the whole of Mankind can achieve when working together and not against each other. PROJECT: HERCULES has more than just successfully completed its job. It has provided the Earth with a defense system that equals the military might of the Boazanian Empire.


LASER SWORD Tenkuken Definetly Voltes' most powerful weapon. This is used to finish the enemy off. The "M" from his chest can form a sword and with it, Voltes can slice the enemy into two, forming a "V" slice.



   A Chain with a sharp hooked-type end. Fired when Voltes retracts its handpalm. Two other weapons from the wrist is Choudenji Rope, an energy whip, and Arm Gun


  Voltes Beam.
An energy beam.
  Volt Laser.
A standard laser attack

Choudenji Wave

Like Voltes Beam, but larger  damage                            

(Choudenji Goma)

A top with four sharp blade on its sides. Voltes' torso can open and fire this top from within. Voltes can shoot up to two tops at one time.

(Choudenji String)

Voltes can pull out its "belt", forming a pair of whips.             Usually used to spin Chodenji Goma

(Grand Fire )

Intense Fire attack from the center of the belt

(Gatling Missiles)

Voltes fires these missiles from its fingertips


When Voltes folds its right hand down, a bazooka barrel comes out from inside its hand. Voltes uses the other arm to pull the trigger.


Definetly Voltes' most powerful weapon. This is used to finish the enemy off. The "M" from his chest can form a sword and with it, Voltes can slice the enemy into two, forming a "V" slice.

Choudenji Ball- Later in the series, Voltes can fire this ball of electricity from Tenkuken to kill the enemy.

Voltes V Heroes

Dr. Ned Armstrong (Kentaro Gou)(La Gour)(Baron Hrothgar)(Go Kentaro)- is the nephew of the Boazanian emperor, almost became emperor himself but was imprisoned for posing as a horned Boazanian, later escaped to Earth and had three children by the earthling Mrs. Armstrong.  He is the creator of Voltes Five.  Before coming to earth, he had a child by the Boazanian named Bree--this child later grew up to become Prince Zardos.

v5mom.jpg (2082 bytes)

Mrs. Armstrong (Mitsuyo Gou)- is the wife of Dr. Armstrong.  She is the mother of Steve, Big Bert, and Little John (Kenichi, Daishiro and Hiyoshi).  She was the first casualty in the Voltes' team, piloting a jet into the beast fighter so that Voltes could be released.


v5smith.jpg (3131 bytes)

Dr. Smith (Dr. Hamaguchi)-  Dr. Hamaguchi or Professor Hamaguchi (Dr. Smith) help in the creation of Voltes V.  He was the second casualty of our heroes' fight against the Boazanians.

Dr. Hook (Prof. Sakunji)- he was the replacement when Dr. Smith was killed.  He also helped in the creation of Voltes V.  He was responsible for training the Voltes V crew harder, and adding one more weapon to Voltes V. However the weapon was a failure until a mysterious red eagle plane, piloted by General Danbei (the one who looked like a cross between Col. Sanders of KFC and Santa claus), sent a full Voltes V blueprint. After some adjustments, the weapon was ready.

Commander Robinson (General Oka)(funny how a commander could become a general when translated into a different language, huh)- he also helped in the creation of Voltes V.  In one of the episodes, his daughter Jamie found a ring and wore it.  It turned out that the ring was actually an enemy robot who possessed her mind and controlled her.  Commander Robinson died saving her.

The Voltes V Team

v5stevebwclr.gif (22106 bytes)

crewzer3.jpg (5338 bytes)crewzer1.jpg (4205 bytes)

Steve Armstrong
(Kenichi Gou)

           Steve is the eldest son of Dr. Armstrong.  He is the leader of the Voltes team.  When he is not riding his motorcycle, he is flying Volt Cruiser, which forms the head of the mighty robot.   His main expertise and choice of wepon is the laser pistol.

crewzer2.jpg (5526 bytes)crewzer4.jpg (6107 bytes)

Steve was very adventurous as a child. Although the Armstrongs loved their children very much, they had to scold Steve more often than Big Bert or Little Jon. This was because Steve ovten went out with his friends without telling his parents. Each time he disappeared, his parents worried very much but they couldn't stop Steve from exploring his world.

The disappearance of Dr. Armstrong changed Steve. He realized he had to help his mother take care of his younger brothers. This made him more responsible. So, early in life, Steve learned to carry his own share of work.


v5markclr.gif (11933 bytes)

bomber2.jpg (5499 bytes)bomber3.jpg (5070 bytes)bomber1.jpg (4929 bytes)bomber4.jpg (6235 bytes)

Mark Gordon

     Mark was originally a rodeo rider.  He is an expert on horseback riding and his main choice of weapon is the whip.  He pilots the Volt Bomber, which forms the arms of Voltes V.

Mark was orphaned while still very young. Mrs. Gordon sacrificed her life so that her husband and son could live, while Mark's father died of illness.

Not knowing how his mother died, Mark grew up disliking all mothers.

Mark earned a living for himself by doing odd jobs. He learned to take care of himself and to fight to keep what was his. No boy in town could beat Mark in fighting. This separated Mark from the rest of the boys.

Having no one to share his experiences with, Mark grew to love horses. However, he was often frustrated because he had no horse of his own. He finally got a chance to be closer to horses when he joined the Rodeo. Here, he learned how to ride and how to use a whip.

Mark found his greates friend in Alpha, the King of the Wild Horses. The two were inseparable. With Alpha beneath him, Mark won the World Rodeo Championships three years in a row.

One day, Earth International Defense asked Mark to join them. He refused, but had no choice. For the first time, Mark and Alpha were separated.


v5bbertbwclr.gif (9347 bytes)

panzer2.jpg (6778 bytes)panzer3.jpg (6212 bytes)panzer4.jpg (6490 bytes)panzer1.jpg
                  (5274 bytes)

Big Bert Armstrong

            Big Bert Armstrong Steve's younger brother.   He flies Volt Panzer, which forms  the body of Voltes V.         His main expertise and choice of wepon is the Jo.

The practical joker of the Armstrong family, Big Bert always teased his brothers, Steve and Little Jon, but after their father left, Big Bert suddenly changed. He stopped playing with his brothers. Mrs. Armstrong was alarmed at her son's change. Something had to be done.

So, Mrs. Armstrong sent Big Bert to live in the country. There, Big Bert lived with an old priest-monk who was a master of many Martial Arts. Being a wise man, the Monk left Big Bert alone. This way, Big Bert could think about and meditate over his problem.

Slowly, Big Bert learned he had to come out of his shell and face the world. Watching the monk practice everyday, he became in Martial Arts. He became the monk's pupil and learned all that the monk could teach him about Martial Arts.

When Big Bert joined his brothers, he was already an expert in Martial Arts defense. The Battle Staff was his specialty. Together with Steve and Little Jon, he began training for Voltes V. Big Bert secretly hoped that this special training had something to do with his father's long absence. He was right!


v5ljohnbwclr.gif (12064 bytes)

frigate1.jpg (5478 bytes)frigate2.jpg (6499 bytes)frigate3.jpg (6475 bytes)frigate4.jpg (7232 bytes)

Little John Armstrong

            Little John is the youngest of the brothers.
He flies Volt Frigate, which form the legs Voltes V.   He is an expert in aquatic tactics and robotics.

Little Jon never felt the warmth and love of a real father. Several months after he was born, Dr. Armstrong left his family.

Little Jon's eldest brother, Steve, became like a father to him. Together with Big Bert, Steve protected Little Jon. But they could never forget that Little Jon was their youngest brother and they teased him often.

Because of this, Little Jon often locked himself in his room to play with his toys. He was curious about them and wondered what made them work. He studied his toys and even took them apart. When he put them together again, they worked even better than before. Soon, Little Jon was fixing household appliances and gadgets.

At school, Little Jon was not interested with most of his studies. But through the Mentat 21 Instructor, he learned Mechanics, Electromagnetics and Quantum Mechanics. He was considered a genius since he mastered these subjects at a very young age.

As a hobby, Little Jon liked to play with remote-controlled boats. He even created a small robot, Octo One. With Voltes V, he became the team's expert at fixing and repairing Voltes V whenever it broke down.


v5jamiebwclr.gif (14811 bytes)

lander2.jpg (5171 bytes)lander3.jpg (5757 bytes)lander4.jpg (6637 bytes)lander1.jpg
                  (5498 bytes)

Jamie Robinson

            Jamie Robinson is the daughter of Commander Robinson.   She flies the Volt lander which forms the feet of Voltes V.   She is an expert in the art of the ninja.

Developing their senses, bodies and minds was a tradition in Jamie's family. Because of this, Jamie received special training as a little girl. Before she was thirteen, Jamie already possessed extraordinary physical abilities and powers.

At the same time, Jamie's sensitivity as a girl was also developed by her Oriental mother. From her, Jamie learned the gentle arts as well as the manners of a young lady.

Because of this family environment of love and care, Jamie's life was directed towards making her a better and happier person.

Jamie did not just learn Oriental customs. Commander Robinson taught her the ways of the West. Jamie also attended an International School. Here, she acquired a very modern outlook.

Jamie became the perfect blend of Oriental and Occidental cultures, of the past and the present. She always remained calm and quiet in the face of trouble. But she also enjoyed going to parties, discoes and having fun.

Because of her abilities, Jamie was selected to join Voltes V. Today, she protects and defends Earth against the Boazanian invaders. After all, she had special training from birth. More than this, she is a woman of the Earth

The AUTHOR and ARTIST of Voltes V
-The masters behind Voltes V Anime-

Combattler V, Voltes V, and Daimos are also known as the "Nagahama Tadao Romance Robot Anime Trilogy". They were created by Tadao Nagahama, one of the best super robot anime creators in my opinion. 

Not so many recognize him because of his early departure...he worked very closely with Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator of Gundam, and other real robot anime like Ideon, Dunbine, and L-Gaim. Tadao Nagahama worked with anime such as Kyojin No Hoshi, and the later half of Yuusha Raideen (the first half was done by Yoshiyuki Tomino), which lead him to create the trilogy Combattler V, Voltes V adn Daimos. Afterwards, he worked on the first half of Daltanias, and later went into work on Rose of Versailles and Ulysses 33....he passed away after completing the first episode of Ulysses 33... His anime always had a very dramatic effect..and of course, some of the heavy stuff concerning slavery and prejudice between races...etc.

Also, I found a beautiful quote from Mr. Nagahama:

"Up until now, when it came to robot anime, the battle scenes were its sales point, and the story concluded in one episode. Voltes V was a creation intended to go beyond that. I wanted to get behind the perspectives of the enemy to express their psychological aspects to the audiences. I also wanted to create some sort of blood relationship between the hero and its enemy. Previous animes have never dealt with social themes but in Voltes, I have presented a situation where there was prejudice between those who had horns and those who didn't. And I wanted to intigrate that situation into this epic saga. This work delves into the lives of different people. Since Prince Heinell's character was well written, it was possible for the audience to see things from his perspective. But that is not enough, take one step further. La Gour was enslaved because he did not have horns. What would have happened if he didn't stand up for his cause? He risked his own life to fight for his cause, believing that there should be no slavery among their people. La Gour's agenda for life is just as worthy as that of Prince Heinell's. This work requires a lot of thinking from the audience. It would be grateful if this work be given some thoughts and applied to your own lives."

--Nagahama Tadao, taken from Roman Album #14 Voltes V


The artist who originally designed the characters and Voltes V's mecha is Hijiri Yuki. He is very popular for the manga Choujin Rokku, which he currently still has been running on weekly manga magazines in Japan. He also designed for Combattler V and Daimos.



    The planet is divided into feudal zones and sectors. Each member of the Nobility has an administrative function. They are also represented or allowed to appear at the Imperial Court from time to time.

    The population is estimated at 15 trillion. Boazanians are divided into two classes: the Horned Class and the Non-Horned Class. The presence of a pair of horns respresents the higher class. The Non-Horned Class is a subservient and slave grouping. They are not free men, are not allowed to have any possessions and cannot marry unless permitted by their Masters.

    Slaves perform 97.3 percent of all manual labor in Boazania. Most of the work in Boazania is agricultural in nature. Other types of work performed by slaves are as servants, messengers, clerks, etc. Boazania is self-sufficient in food.

    Very few industries exist in Boazania. Mahcinery and technology are developed in other planets of the Boazanian Star Cluster. Industrial products are imported from other planets.

    Primarily, Boazania offers many resorts, pleasures and other entertainment activities. It is a vacation spot with a rating of .83, making it ideal as a tourist planet.


    The emergence of Boazania as a stellar force in the Galaxy was made possible during the reign of Hakkor IV. Development of rocket propulsion enabled Boazania to reach other planets in her solar system. Too cumbersome and too impractical to continue, plans for the explorations of Space were shelved.

    Intra-Stellar Drive was perfected during latter years of Hakkorian rule. Although still too slow and crude, "Generation" ships were effected due to growing Boazanian population (Slave Population increased at the phenomenal rate of 23.32 per year). "Generation" ships would take decades to reach the next stellar system thus people would die and be born along the trip.

    Leap to the Inter-Stellar Drive, The Drive was powered by light converted into electromagnetic propulsion augmented by the discovery of Graadar Warns. Plotted by Grad Zeegar, excursions into deep space tripled because of these discoveries.

    Unfortunately, Chrono-Spatio development was not applicalbe to arms and weaponry. Boazania developed more conventional weapons, progressing along the lines of atomics and nucleics. Eons ahead of Earth, by the time they invaded Earth, Boazania's military might was far more sophisticated and powerful.

    Creation of Beast Fighters was the height of Boazanian War Machines. In reality, the Beast Fighters were gigantic robot-cybernauts. They came to life with the transplantation of Boazanian minds into the robots' computers.

    The Boazanian Beast Fighters made Boazania invincible and more than the match of any other civilization in the Galaxy. Thus, their explorations were supported by an equally powerful and destructive military force.

    Centra Galaktika was brought under the rule of the Boazanian Empire. In 1994, Boazania reached the Periphery, Earth was the first of the Outer Worlds to be invaded.

    The invasion of the Earth was supposed to be the easiest conquest for the Boazanians. However, this was not true.


Location Parameter 73, Sector 17, Boazanian Star Cluster Centra Galaktika
Distance 14,000 Light Years from Earth
16,000 Light Years from the Galaxy's Center
Chrono-spatio Coordinates 13.67
Diameter 139,000 miles
Gravitational Constant 1.72 G5 (normal)
Atmosphere H2O compound
Composition 42.8947
Weather Variable (Boazania has seven seasons)
Climate Positive
Viability Negative 72 (Humans need antigravity appliances)
Travel Time 7 weeks (Earth Standard)

*Mnemonic Chronicles, Reco-Dat Division,
Ministry of Mnemonics, Vol. VIII, Spectra, Sector 73,
Terra-Galaktika, 3275 G-E (Galactic Era), Tapes 41-73


    Now, the 123rd Boazanian Emperor had no wife and no heir.  There was no one to succeed him.  One day, his brother was blessed with the birth of the long-awaited heir.  This event was greeted with great joy by the Nobility.  At long last, someone would succeed the Emperor. v5h1baby.jpg (19690 bytes)

        Unknown to all, the child was born without any horns, the symbol of the Nobility.  Because of this, it was most likely that the child would never become the Emperor even if his blood was the blood of Royalty.   Worse, it was possible that the child would drop to the status of a slave


v5h1dadstab.jpg (12909 bytes)
When the father learned about his son's abnormality, he was filled with despair.

     He knew that his son would live a very hard life so he decided to kill the child.  Going up to the child's cradle, he had already raised the dagger, when.... v5h1dadstopd.jpg (27067 bytes)
    With tears streaming down her cheeks, the mother cried out for him to "Stop!" "The child has no fault. If you kill the child, then kill me first!" Feeling the great sorrow in his wife's heart, and even his own, the father let the child live. And so, the misfortune was left a great secret between them and the doctor. docmom.JPG (9877 bytes)

v5h1kid.jpg (15504 bytes)v5h1kid2.jpg (14723 bytes) v5h1remhorn.jpg (13035 bytes) v5h1punch.jpg (4133 bytes) v5h1fallwhorn.jpg (15806 bytes)

    Named Baron Hrothgar, the child was given a pair of artificial horns. Everyone believed that he was a deserving member of the Nobility. However, the child knew he really had no horns on his head. He saw that the Non-Horned people were being oppressed. The mother told him that it has always been so. Taking off his artificial horns, he asked, "But I have no horns. What makes me so different from them?" Anguished, his mother could not answer him. The child never mentioned the subject again.

v5h1proud.jpg (21908 bytes)      Graduating with the highest honors in Science, Baron Hrothgar was appointed to the Ministry of Science. He rose to the top quickly. In no time at all, he became the Minister of Science at a very young age




v5h1love2.jpg (22702 bytes)           v5h1love.jpg (21823 bytes)          v5h1kiss.jpg (3751 bytes)

    Baron Hrothgar married the fairest and most beautiful maiden in all of Boazania, Bree (in Japanese version: Rozalia). Their love was so strong that Baron Hrothgar revealed his secret to her. Instead of rejecting him, she accepted his secret. Together, they lived a beautiful and happy life.

    The day came when the Emperor passed away. That day, the bells tolled long and loud all over Boazania. For a long time, Boazania was mourning.

The problem of who would become the next Emperor arose. Only two people could claim any right to the Emperor's seat:
v5h2bow.jpg (13578 bytes) the son of the emperor's brother, Baron Hrothgar, v5h2madbro.jpg (12504 bytes) and the child of the emperor's mistress, Zu Zanbazil.
However, it looked like the next Emperor would be Baron Hrothgar. Through descent and by Law, he was the rightful heir.

      As the Emperor, Baron Hrothgar could finally make his childhood dream come true. This was the creation of a free planet where the Non-Horned tribe could live on equal terms with the Horned tribe. Believing he would be the Emperor, Baron Hrothgar and Bree were filled with joy. But it was too soon for them to begin rejoicing. Perils lay in store for them.

v5h2plot.jpg (25237 bytes)     Ambitious, Zanbazil also wanted to become Emperor. Together with friends faithful to him, Zanbazil plotted a conspiracy against Baron Hrothgar. He assigned his spies to find out all the weak points of Baron Hrothgar so that he could discredit the Emperor's nephew.

v5h2stop.jpg (13874 bytes)

v5h2exposed.jpg (14662 bytes)

dehorned.jpg (4538 bytes)

    On the day of the coronation, the Temple where the ceremony was to take place was filled with an air of tense excitement. As the Crown was about to be placed on Baron Hrothgar's head, Zanbazil stopped the proceedings. Boldly walking forward, he went up to Baron Hrothgar and tore off Baron Hrothgar's artificial horns. The crowd was shocked.
v5h2arrest.jpg (7718 bytes)

v5h2judge.jpg (10711 bytes)

v5h2sapak.jpg (32009 bytes)
    Baron Hrothgar was immediately placed under arrest and sent to Slave Camp while Zanbazil was crowned Emperor.  At the Camp, baron Hrothgar lived a miserable existence.  His troubles increased when he learned that his beloved wife, Bree, died while giving birth.  

v5h2prison.jpg (9829 bytes)

v5h2prisonguy.jpg (18412 bytes)

v5h2prisondoc.jpg (16461 bytes)




    Zu Zanbazil was now the 124th Emperor of the Boazanian Star Empire. Those who had faithfully followed him and served his cause, Zanbazil rewarded generously. The others who had opposed his rule were treated harshly and punished severely. This was the kind of rule Zanbazil led.

    At that time, the Boazanian Star Empire included its neighboring planets in its Solar System. During the reign of the 88th Emperor, Boazania had embarked on a program of conquest which was very successful. Ever since then, Boazania had not conquered any other planets and lived in peace.

    Zu Zanbazil's ambitiousness was so great that he decided to repeat the initial program of conquest. This time, he wanted Boazanian rule to dominate even the Galaxy's edges. Thus, war preparations were made and the Armies of Boazania strengthened. The production of giant Beast Fighters increased at a very rapid rate, Boazanian armament and weaponry was improved and made more destructive. Soldiers were given special battle training.

v5h2prisonwoe.jpg (15337 bytes)      Meanwhile, Baron Hrothgar was leading a miserable life as a slave. His birthright stolen from him, Baron Hrothgar's heart blazed furiously with anger. He swore to overthrow the Empire of Zanbazil and free the slaves. Armed with his knowledge of science, Baron Hrothgar devised weapons with which to fight the army. The Non-Horned Tribe rallied to his cause and helped Baron Hrothgar prepare and plan for a revolution.
v5h2vow.jpg (15064 bytes)

v5hescape.jpg (21894 bytes)v5hescape2.jpg (24406 bytes)v5hescape3.jpg (26259 bytes)

    While the army was polishing up, Baron Hrothgar looked for a way to escape them. He went to the Space Port and commandeered a vessel. With it, he broke through the blockade and escaped into Space. For a long time, he drifted around the universe, an exile of the planet. It took him years to reach Earth, where he took the identity of Dr. Armstrong (in Japanese: Prof. Kentaro Gou), and built the super robot Voltes V to battle the Boazanian invasion forces.



    After the Slave Revolt, Zanbazil ordered the burning of all pictures of Baron Hrothgar. He even forbade the mention of Baron Hrothgar's name. He did this so that all memory of Baron Hrothgar would be erased from Boazanian history.

    Fearing and hating Baron Hrothgar, Zanbazil knew he had to find Baron Hrothgar and kill him. He sent out scout ships to scour the Universe, searching for Baron Hrothgar.

    Fleeing from Zanbazil's rage and punishment, Baron Hrothgar's parents went to live in the country. They brought their son, Baron Hrothgar's heir, with them. As outcasts of Baozanian Nobility, they kept away from their former friends and the public.

    In this environment, Baron Hrothgar's son was raised. He was given all the love and attention of his grandparents. He was given the best training and education possible through private tutors. These tutors were specialists in their respective fields and they imparted their knowledge to Baron Hrothgar's son.

YOUNGZARDOS.JPG (8919 bytes) There was a sour note though, Baron Hrothgar's son was safe only in the house of his grandparents. Everyone knew who he was and who his father was.They transferred their anger at Baron Hrothgar and to his son. Once the child stepped out into the streets, the people stared at him, ridiculed and insulted him. They called him a traitor's son. Even the children of his age looked down on him and treated him badly. They threw sticks and stones and jeered at him. Worse, they never let him play with them.

    Baron Hrothgar's son lived a very troubled and lonely life. But he never cried, he never shed any tears. Instead, he felt angry. Inwardly, he thought, "Why do they call me traitor just because my father was a traitor. Why are they cruel to me? Why? Why? Just wait and watch! One of these days, I will do a brave and glorious deed that everyone will respect me. I will never let them all me a traitor's son again!".

    With this resolve, Baron Hrothgar's son, Prince Zardoz (in Japanese: Prince Heinel), studied military arts and tactics. He was the best student of the Institute of Military Science and Warfare and he had proven himself numerous times in battle. He was rewarded by being appointed the leader of the Earth Invasion Forces. v5youngzardos2.jpg (19062 bytes)


    Baron Hrothgar, now known as Dr. Armstrong married a woman from our planet earth.  She was a  professor named Mitsuyo in the Japanese series, they had 3 sons: Steve, Big Bert, and Little John.  After establishing himself in the field of science, Dr. Armstrong teamed up with Dr. Smith and Commander Robinson to anticipate the coming of the Boazanians. They created a defense headquarters on a falcon-shaped island and called it Camp Big Falcon.  This would become the base of their weapon of defense, a super robot called Voltes V.  Then, Doctor Armstrong disappeared without a trace.

  voltesssssss FAIYVAH!

    The robot was assembled from 5 vehicles, each piloted by a talented person. They are the three sons of Doctor Armstrong, plus Jamie Robinson-the daughter of Commander Robinson, and Mark Gordon.


     The Boazanian army came to our planet under the command of Prince Zardos, together with his subordinates Zandra, Draco, and Zuhl.  They made their headquarters (castle) in an underground cave of an uninhabited island.   skullship

   During the first few battles, Mitsuyo, the mother of the three was killed.  Later on, Doctor Smith was also killed while trying to save Voltes V so he was replaced by his colleague, Doctor Hook.

    Behind the scenes, Doctor Armstrong was actually kidnapped by the Boazanian army, but escaped later on.  He, together with Doir--his colleague who also escaped from Boazanian prison(who looked like a cross between Santa Claus and Col. Sanders of KFC), secretely built a sophisticated defense fortress deep within the Alpen Mountains.  Doctor Armstrong made a gigantic space ship, Solar Bird, intended to be the partner of Camp Big Falcon.  That Alpen cavern also sheltered a big colony of Boazanian non-horned slaves who managed to escape to Earth.

GENERAL GURURU     When Prince Zardos' beast fighters kept on losing its battles against Voltes V, General Gururu, the chief commander of Boazanian army, was sent to Earth by the Boazanian empire.  After Zardos found out and destroyed the Alpen headquarters, Gururu kidnapped Armstrong and even showed Voltes the way to Zardos' castle.  Gururu wanted Zardos killed. The battle between Voltes and Zardos was inevitable.
    Bergan, the evil leader who replaced Zuhl, led Zardos' army to leave their base, leaving the Prince alone with the faithful Zandra and Draco. bergan
draco      The Voltes team caught up with Draco and asked him to surrender but he killed himself instead.  Zardos wanted to fight our heroes to the death but Zandra tranquilized and took him to Boazania via an escape ship.

    At this point, Bergan activated the Magmait Nuclear Bomb, which was implanted below Zardos' headquarters.  This bomb had enough power to destroy the Earth. Voltes V tried carrying or destroying the huge bomb with its laser sword, all to no avail.   Almost near the last minute, the Solar Bird appeared, piloted by Doir.  He pulled out the bomb with the Solar Bird's claws and threw it far into space, where it exploded harmlessly.

    Solar Bird then sent a special electromagnetic wave that revealed the secret of Camp Big Falcon.   Camp Big Falcon was actually a gigantic space ship!
FALCON VOLT-IN!! It rose to the sky and volted in with Solar Bird.  FALCONVOLT-IN
     Their plan was now to take the battle to Boazania and rescue Armstrong, defeat the evil Emperor Zanbazir, and free the slaves.

    As they approached Boazania, Zanbazir released his secret weapon, Sodom and Gomorrah. These were a pair of gigantic man-made satellites which could create an electric storm. This electric storm was so powerful that every object trapped in it would disintegrate.   Falcon successfully escaped the storm using its Warp technology and then entered directly into the atmosphere of Boazania.

    Doir immediately made contact with his fellow non-horned slaves in the dungeon, and all the slaves simultaneously rebelled against the Bourgeouis. They freed Armstrong from his cell and quickly gained victory as Voltes V stomped on the puny Boazanian defenses.

   The three brothers met their father with tears of joy.
steve crying Doctor Armstrong crying
Meanwhile, Zardos ran into some of the Bourgeouis Officers trying to escape the castle. He scolded them for being such cowards.

One of them wanted to shoot Zardos but Zandra saved the Prince by striking the man with the carriage she was riding. The shot missed its target but hit Zandra instead.  She died in Zardos' arms, professing her love for him.


    Prince Zardos was now furious and went to the statue of Godor, the protector god of Boazania. The statue depicted a man sitting on a chair, carrying a sword in its left hand, with a flame of green fire on the palm of its right hand. Legend has it that Godor will save Boazania if there's a man who loved his country so much that he could sacrifice himself by jumping into the flame. Zardos yelled "Long live Boazan Empire!" and then jumped into the flame.  But he didn't get burned!  He fell into a short tunnel which led him into a control room inside the Godor statue.  The Godor Statue was actually an ancient battle-robot!   So Zardos took control of Godor and fought Voltes V. The fight was incredible, both robots got many slashes and damages.  Finally, Voltes V sliced his Laser Sword into Godor's chest and ended the fight.  

Zardos jumped out from the broken Godor and then challanged Steve to a sword duel. No one won, even with both swords broken.  Zardos grabbed his knife to kill Steve but was stopped by Doctor Armstrong. steve vs. zardos

     Armstrong recognized the knife as the gift he gave to Rozalia, his Boazanian wife.  Zardos said that the knife was his mothers.  Armstrong was shocked and realized that Zardos was actually his own son from Rozalia, and he was the big brother of Steve.  Zardos would not believe it.  Armstrong, in tears, asked Zardos to look at the knife's grip, saying that it bears the symbol of Boazania's peace. With a trembling hand, Zardos looked at the grip and was shocked to find a sculpured pair of doves on it.

    Suddenly there was disdaining laughter.  The evil Emperor Zanbazir appeared carrying boxes of treasures blaming Zardos, saying its all Zardos' idea to attack the Earth.   Zardos was disappointed to see Zanbazir acting like a mad man and   threw the knife at him.  Unfortunately Zanbazir was carrying a grenade. It exploded but Zardos spontaneously covered Steve and saved him from the explosion. The huge blast cracked the ground they were on and the brothers were separated by a large gap and fire.  Steve shouted at Zardos calling him Niisan (big brother) and also Armstrong calling his name.  Zardos looked shocked and  said slowly to Armstrong, Otoosan (father), then the fire engulfed him. The battle was over.   Armstrong  was then the leader of Boazania. The Warp machine was implanted into Voltes V so it could Warp itself back to earth.  Big Falcon-Solar Bird and Voltes V flew back to guard the Earth ...

Voltes team with solarbirdfalcon

The Boazanian Enemies

v5ezardos2.gif (22130 bytes)

Prince Heinell (in Japanese version)
Prince Sirius (in Italian version)

Commander-in-chief of the Boazanian Earth Invasion Forces.Heinell is a hard, high tempered guy, very much like Kenichi. He has no time for romance, and very loyal to Zuzanbazil, the emperor of Boazania. Zardos kidnapped earth people to work as slaves. He had a sad childhood. He never saw his father ...... and her mother died shortly after he was born.  Zardos only knew that his father is a traitor. Because of his father, little Zardos was hated by his peers. That made him want to do the best to clean his name from his fathers stain. Later on, we found out that he is actually the son of Doctor Armstrong (Lagour) from his Boazanian wife Rozalia, so he is Steve's (Kenichis) big brother.

v5edraco2.gif (31850 bytes)

Gael in the Italian version
Jyangyaru Rui in the Japanese version

Second-in-command of Boazanian Earth Invasion Forces.  He is very loyal to Heinell. He used to work with Zuhl and often competed with him in making robots, but after Zuhl was punished to death for treason, he worked alone until later Bergan, a Boazanian Commander, came.  He later killed himself in front of the Voltes team for being a failure to conquer earth.

v5ezandra2.gif (21847 bytes)

Kazarin Rii(in Japanese Version )
Kazarine (in Italian version)

Robotics Adviser and Personal Adviser to Prince Zardos.  Zandra died in Zardos' arms saying that she loves him. At that time, Heinell realized that he also loves her, but its all too late. Katherine saved Heinells life several times, i.e: by telling him about Zuhls and Zakis plan to kill him, by taking Heinell out of his destroyed castle to Boazan, and lastly by giving her own life to stop a an attempt on Zardos' life.

v5ezuhl2.gif (16801 bytes)


Military Adviser and Minister of Boazanian Ministry of Defense.  He is a snivelling hunchback who will easily connive with either of the warring factions, depending on who has the upper hand.  He was later executed by Prince Zardos for treason.

    Emperor Zanbazil is the Emperor of the Boazanians.

    There was a competition between Zuhl and Draco in making tougher robots to beat Voltes V. When Zardos decided to attack Voltes V himself using a panther robot called Gargo, Zuhl--ordered by Zaki (a Boazanian Supervisor who wanted to kill Zardos)  gave the Voltes team a blueprint of Gargo so they could learn its weak point. But Zandra found it out and later in several episodes, Zuhl was punished to death for trying to kill Prince Zardos. When fighting the Boazanian robot Daian, Commander Robinson was killed. To replace Zuhl, a Boazanian commander named Bergan was sent. He also didnt like Zardos but unlike Zuhl, he didnt do anything against him.