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SEELE, Gehirn and the second impact

SEELE, German for 'soul', is a secret organisation that was established some when before the second impact, after humanity learned of their evolutionary dead end from the dead sea scrolls; one of the great twentieth century archaeological finds.  SEELE, realising humanity's limitations, thus began the human instrumentality project; the next step in human evolution.  The creation of a single perfect entity formed from the unity of all human souls.  Otherwise known as the third impact.

Based on the many predictions depicted in the dead sea scrolls, SEELE organised an expedition to the south pole lead by Misato's father, Dr. Katsuragi, and it was there that the second greatest twentieth century archaeological find was found buried deep in the Antarctic; the first Angel, Adam.  Humanity had found their god of gods, but when humanity attempted to contain what they had found, by reducing Adam to his embryo form, their god fought back, the second impact...

Other than those individuals who left prior to the second impact, only Misato, at the time still a young girl, from the expedition team survived the nightmarish hell, no one else was spared as the polar ice caps melted giving rise to the true dead sea.  All knowledge of the incident was covered up by the UN, or to be exact by SEELE now using the UN as a cover for the organisation, and so the popular meteorite story was born to divert any unwanted attention.

In order to realise the artificial induction of humanity's next stage of evolution, SEELE formed the human instrumentality committee and then founded the organisation known as Gehirn, German for 'brain'.  Gehirn built a research facility in the Geo Front beneath Tokyo-3, and it was this facility which later formed the head quarters for Gehirn's successor, NERV.  Gehirn was responsible for project E, the project to revive Adam from his remains found after the second impact, and it was also during this time that the MAGI system was developed by Ritsuko's mother, Naoko Akagi, who worked for Gehirn at the time.

NERV and a probable third impact

The official story for NERV''s existence is to prevent the third impact instigated by Angels through physical contact with Adam, however, this elaborate and widely believed story merely exists to cover NERV''s/SEELE''s true intention.  NERV exists in fact solely for the purpose of instigating the third impact upon the annihilation of all the Angels.  The Eva series was in fact not intended as a weapon, but instead as a means of invoking the third impact.

NERV, German for 'nerve', is a front for SEELE, founded by the organisation solely for the purpose of carrying out their wishes, that is their scenario, in particular the human instrumentality project.  The committee appointed Gendo as head of NERV, and hence also of the instrumentality project.  Gendo's task was to effectively implement the instrumentality of man, seeing the project through to successful completion, however, Gendo's goals, shared also in part by Kouzou, are some what different to that of his dictators'.  These differences are tolerated for the most part by the committee, though the fragile relationship between SEELE and NERV soon breaks down upon termination of the seventeenth Angel.

SEELE intentionally captured Adam in order to draw out the other Angels which were subsequently destroyed by the Eva series.  Upon the annihilation of all seventeen Angels, SEELE had intended to instigate a controled third impact by bringing an Angel into contact with Lilith as opposed to Adam.  Of course this would be impossible what with the annihilation of all the Angels and so SEELE had planed to turn to the Eva series once again, this time for their true purpose.  Although not entirely Angel like themselves, coupled with lance of Longinus, however, an Eva would provide a suitable substitute.  When the lance is lost destroying the fifteenth Angel, however, SEELE decided to settle for second best by attempting to trick the seventeenth Angel, Kaoru, into coming into contact with Lilith against the Angel's will.

The beginning of the end...

Unfourtunately for SEELE Kaoru wasn't to be fooled into mistaking Lilith for Adam and so SEELE's dream was about to amount to nothing, though maybe not quite.  With Gendo forced to use Unit 01 to prevent Kaoru from accidentally discovering Lilith within terminal Dogma, the chance of a mergeance between both Kaoru and Unit 01, constructed from Lilith, and thus the third impact still seemed possible.  However, with Kaoru wishing his life to come to an end for fear of triggering humanity's complete annihilation should he continue to live, SEELE's dream of instigating a controled third impact no longer seemed possible what with the death of Kaoru, crushed by the hands of Unit 01 piloted by Shinji.

With both the key elements required to initiate the artificial instrumentality of man, that is both Lilith and Rei, and with all seventeen Angels destroyed, Gendo gets set to realise his dream; third impact along with the reunion between himself and his late wife, Yui Ikari.  With control over humanity's evolution lost from their grasp, SEELE plan to take back what was once theirs, Adam, Lilith and NERV, and so both Gendo and NERV find themselves battling an unexpected eighteenth Angel, humans.  Ultimately SEELE, NERV and the Angels share the same goal, third impact, each desire to control third imapact's outcome, or rather that is to say the future...


Genesis 0:1/Episode 01 - Angel Attack

The Angels have returned with their third messenger of death, Sachiel, who is laying waste to Tokyo-3, home to NERV HQ, and the feeble resistance put up by the entire UN force present.  All of which, however, proves to be of no avail, even the devastating power of the UN's latest addition to their arsenal, the N2 non-nuclear mine, proves to be laughable when faced with the wraith of the Angels. As a result of the UN's ineffectiveness, command of the defence operation is transferred to NERV.

NERV respond to the dire situation by preparing the launch of mankind's last hope for survival; Evangelion, a bio-mechanical giant specialising in close combat and capable of generating its own AT, Absolute Terror, field.  EVA-01 is ready, all that NERV require now is a pilot.  Only children born in the aftermath of the second impact, exactly nine months after the massacre, have the ability to synchronise with an Evangelion and thus pilot it.  The first child was found and underwent the process of synchronising with her Eva, however, the doomed test pilot, Rei Ayanami, lost control of her prototype Eva, EVA-00, in a mysterious accident which left her seriously injured.

All is not lost, however, as a potential new pilot is found, the third child Shinji Ikari, estranged son of Gendo Ikari; Commander and head scientist at NERV. Shinji is picked up by Captain Misato Katsuragi on the day of Sachiel's attack, however, both are caught up in the cross fire between the Angel and the UN whilst enroute to NERV HQ.  Fortunately though both Shinji and Misato make it through with only a few scratches and Shinji is brought before his father for the first time in three years.

Despite his reluctance to pilot EVA-01, Shinji finds himself being railroaded into synchronising with the Eva having been alerted to backup pilot Rei's critical condition.  The synchronisation process between Shinji and EVA-01 goes surprisingly well, Unit 01 is activated and the battle for Tokyo-3 is set.

Genesis 0:1/Episode 02 - The Beast

Shinji finally awakens, only to find himself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling from a hospital bed, but with no idea as to how he came to be there.  He has no recollection of the recent past events, including that of his battle with the third Angel.

Whilst Shinji recovers from his ordeal, Misato and Ritsuko Akagi, one of NERV's leading scientists, head up the salvage operation for the battle of Tokyo-3 in which Unit 01 sustained moderate damage.  Meanwhile Gendo defends himself and the existence of NERV against extensive criticism from the UN committee who believe that Eva was used inefficiently, and that certain top secret projects associated with NERV are falling behind schedule.

With emotions still running high between Shinji and his father due to past events, Shinji chooses instead to accept the sisterly Misato's invitation to stay with her, despite Ritsuko's dim view of the whole idea.  Misato takes Shinji to get his first real glimpse of Tokyo-3, mankind's fortress against the Angels, the city he saved, after which she takes the third child to his new home.  It soon turns out, however, that Misato isn't quite the ideal roommate Shinji had in mind.

Later that evening, having drowned his sorrows in the bathtub, Shinji starts to reflect on his stressful first day at NERV.  In doing so he abruptly starts to recall the memories of his first sortie in Unit 01; the battle that took place in Tokyo-3, the heavy damage sustained to Unit 01's arm and head component and how it eventually went berserk killing Sachiel in an all out killing frenzy.  Now his only comfort are those few words from Misato, telling him to hang in there, as she turns in for the night.

Genesis 0:2/Episode 03 - A Transfer - The Phone That Never Rings

In order to improve his combat skills, Ritsuko's having Shinji participate in simulated training exercises in Unit 01.  It would seem though, that Shinji isn't really interest in piloting Unit 01, he simply does as he is told, it seams to be his way of dealing with what life has to offer.  This kind of attitude towards life and people in particular is starting to worry Misato.

Shinji turns up for his first day at his new school, however, it appears that most of his classmates have either transferred schools or remained at home due to the latest attack on the city.  Toji Suzuhara isn't one of them though, despite having been away for several days caring for his little sister who was injured during the attack and hospitalised as a result.  Toji is by far from being impressed with NERV's efforts to protect the city; he blames the pilot of Unit 01 for his sister's current condition.

Word of Shinji piloting Unit 01 soon gets out, which puts Shinji in the spotlight having to deal with all kinds of awkward questions from his classmates, something that he's not accustomed to and finds hard to deal with.  Meanwhile war enthusiast Kensuke Aida takes note of Shinji's every word in an attempt to learn more about NERV.  Later that day Toji catches up with Shinji, now knowing him to be the pilot of Unit 01, and expresses his anger towards Shinji, but not just in a verbal way.

Last time humanity had fifteen years to prepare for the return of the Angels, now only three weeks since the third Angel's attack the fourth Angel, Shamshel, is headed towards Tokyo-3 resuming the Angels' attack on the city.  Knowing this, NERV once again launch Unit 01 to engage the enemy and evacuate the city's inhabitants to the designated underground shelters.  They are not, however, prepared for the intervention of Toji and Kensuke, who intend on getting a little closer to the action, and that of the awesome new power displayed by the latest Angel.

Genesis 0:2/Episode 04 - Rain, Escape & Afterwards - The Hedgehog's Dilemma

Misato lectures Shinji after ignoring and going against a direct order issued by her during his last encounter with an Angel.  Rather than dealing with the situation though, Shinji chooses instead to escape his problems by running away from them.  Having taken the Tokyo-3 loop line, he wanders aimlessly around the city and then up into the foot hills surrounding Tokyo-3 where he unintentionally meets up with Kensuke who's out camping alone.  Shinji accepts Kensuke's hospitality and the two talk for quite some time before turning in for the night.

The following morning NERV intelligence agents arrive to pick up Shinji and escort him back to NERV HQ.  There he finds himself again having to answer to Misato, however, this time it would seam that she's more or less given up on him.  Misato feels that she is unable to help a child who is unwilling to adapt to new situations, if Shinji is unwilling to continue to pilot Unit 01 then forcing him to do so would be a waste of time.

Due to his reluctance to pilot Unit 01, Shinji chooses to leave NERV and is formally dismissed from the organisation.  But before heading off to the train station intent on taking the next train out of Tokyo-3, Shinji is caught up by Toji and Kensuke who wish to see him off.  Toji regrets his earlier behaviour towards Shinji and apologises.

Now preparing to leave Tokyo-3, Shinji finds himself running away from reality yet again.  Misato realises that letting Shinji leave is a mistake and so heads off to the station hoping to catch up with him, but arrives too late only to see the train pull away from the platform.  To her delight, however, the train pulls away leaving Shinji standing opposite her on the station's departing platform.  They stand opposite each other for quite some time before Shinji breaks the silence with a couple of well chosen words, 'I'm home'. Misato welcomes Shinji back with a smile and the two head back home.

Genesis 0:3/Episode 05 - Rei, Beyond Her Heart

It's been twenty two days now since the pilot of the Eva prototype, EVA-00, mysteriously lost control of her Eva during her first attempt to synchronise with the Unit.  Twenty two days since Rei was seriously injured, despite having been rescued by commander Ikari who opened the super heated hatch on Rei's entry plug with his bare hands, a courageous action which left his hands permanently scared.  Now Rei is preparing herself to re-undergo the synchronisation process with Unit 00.

Ritsuko heads up the salvage operation for the fourth Angel which, due to the manner in which the Angel was disabled, NERV have been fortunate enough to obtain as it's a near perfect specimen for which to study.  Analysis of the Angel reveals its structural composition, although being composed of different matter, to be almost identical to that of humans.  Whilst Ritsuko and Misato analyse the data, Shinji notices the scaring on his father's hands whilst he examines the Angel's corpse.  Misato arrived at NERV after the incident with the prototype Eva, however, Ritsuko knows all to well the events in question and agrees to fill Shinji and Misato in on the details.

Later that evening, having agreed to join Misato and Shinji for dinner, Ritsuko gives Shinji Rei's new security card to pass on.  Apparently Ritsuko's forgotten to pass on the card in person, at least that's the story, and so Shinji gets the job, along with an excuse to go over to Rei's place.  The following day Shinji takes the card over to Rei's, however, it doesn't quite go as planed when the third child manages to elegantly end up on top of a naked Rei on her bedroom floor.  Matter aside though, the two of them proceed together to NERV HQ where Shinji discovers that Rei appears to have the kind of relationship with his father that he has always longed for.

The fifth Angel, Ramiel, arrives in Tokyo-3.  As the successful synchronisation between Rei and Unit 00 has only just been completed, it's decided that Rei is still unfit to fight and so Shinji in Unit 01 is launched.  With little or no data on the new Angel, however, this soon proves to be a huge mistake.

Genesis 0:3/Episode 06 - Showdown In Tokyo-3

The fifth Angel fires upon Unit 01 immediately after having surfaced.  The attack is made using an extremely high powered energy discharge which, due to Misato's quick thinking to retrieve the Eva, manages to only burn through Unit 01's front defensive armour melting it down to the third layer.  Given three more seconds though, would have resulted in the Angel shooting right through the Eva, fortunately, however, the rest of Unit 01 remains undamaged and Shinji looks set for a quick recovery.

To learn more about the new Angel's offensive and defensive capabilities, Misato has UN forces move an inflatable to scale sized Unit 01 decoy into the Angel's estimated firing range.  She also has the Angel attacked with a German type 12 self-propelled mortar, both of which are vaporised instantly.  The results show the Angel to be equipped with a large firing radius and an exceptional AT field.  It's also learned that the Angel is positioned directly above the geo front, home to NERV HQ, and is boring towards the instillation intent on attacking NERV directly.

Due to the Angel's remarkable offensive and defensive capabilities, Misato comes up with a plan to attack the Angel with a sniper.  Commander Ikari approves the plan and Misato is put in charge of the operation.  As NERV's positron rifle is unable to handle the massive output required to penetrate the Angel's AT field, Misato requisitions the SSDF's new prototype self-propelled positron cannon, meanwhile Ritsuko comes up with a novel form of temporary shielding against the Angel's fire.

Besides the poor estimated success rate for the mission, there is also another drawback to Misato's plan.  With so much electricity being required to power the positron cannon, at half past eleven that night the whole of Japan is scheduled for a large scale power blackout so that NERV can get enough power to the cannon.

With Shinji now ready as the sniper and Rei providing the defensive backup, the plan is set and put into operation, but in a war against the Angels, even a predicted eight point seven percent success rate isn't guaranteed.

Genesis 0:4/Episode 07 - The Human Creation

Spending so much time around the sisterly Misato is starting to have an influence on Shinji's behaviour, he's now become accustomed to her ways, is starting to express his feelings more freely and has even gained a little self confidence.  Again Toji and Kensuke arrive that morning with the hope of catching a glimpse of Misato before they and Shinji, who can't understand their love towards Misato, head of to school.

Whilst sitting in the cockpit within Unit 01's entry plug during routine tests, Shinji becomes distracted with his past experiences with Eva and finds himself questioning Eva's existence.  Later Ritsuko reveals the truth behind the second impact, in that a mere meteorite striking Antarctica wasn't the cause.  She states that man discovered the first Angel in Antarctica and that this discovery lead to the second impact caused by the Angel.  After the disaster NERV was established to prevent a probable third impact and knowledge of the Angel's existence was covered up, Misato still, however, isn't convinced that NERV's definition of the truth is to be trusted.

On behalf of NERV, Misato and Ritsuko attend the initial activation of the Jet Alone project, an intended low budget replacement for project Eva.  The creators of the potential Eva substitute boast its one hundred and fifty days of continuous power supplied by an on board nuclear reactor, however, Ritsuko is far from being impressed with the idea of a walking nuclear bomb.

NERV's scepticism is soon proved well justified as the activation of the Jet Alone unit goes horribly wrong.  It fails to respond to the commands of its creators, which leads to the monster walking through the observation building intent on heading towards the centre of Tokyo.  With nuclear melt down imminent, the unit out of control and failing to respond, Misato soon finds herself heading up an operation to prevent the destruction of the city.  As ordered by Misato, Shinji piloting Unit 01 is flown in to carry out her plan, that is Shinji will place Misato on the Jet Alone and attempt to restrain it whilst she dissables the machine manually from within. Misato is soon in for a surprise, however, as Jet Alone's on board computer rejects its password meaning only one thing, sabotage!

Genesis 0:4/Episode 08 - Asuka Strikes!

Misato's put in charge of over seeing the safe arrival of EVA-02, along with its new pilot Asuka Langley Soryu, to NERV HQ in Tokyo-3.  The new cargo is being transported aboard a UN destroyer, which in turn is being escorted by a massive UN fleet.  Shinji has also been assigned to the escort as a backup pilot and Misato kindly agrees to let Toji and Kensuke tag along for the voyage.

Having exchanged reluctant pleasantries with the fleet's admiral, Misato has the misfortune of running into old flame Kaji Ryoji, who's also along for the ride on urgent business, but when he starts bringing up the past in his own charismatic way, Misato's day can only go from good to bad.  This is true also for Asuka who has her eyes set firmly on Kaji.  To make matters even worse, the sixth Angel, Gaghiel, shows up, or rather under as it's an aquatic type, in search of Adam.

Despite the wishes of the fleet's admiral, Asuka, along with Shinji, engage the new Angel in EVA-02, although all does not go quite according to Asuka's plan when Unit 02 is knocked off of its transport's flight deck and sinks into the ocean. Submerged and equipped only with B-type equipment, Unit 02 becomes unresponsive and is subsequently eaten by the Angel leaving the Eva's umbilical cable trailing out of the Angel's mouth up to the flight deck.

This bizarre situation gives Misato a novel idea as to defeating the Angel.  She plans to force open the Angel's mouth with Unit 02 whilst sinking the two remaining battle ships in line with the Eva's umbilical cable and reeling in the Angel.  Once inside the Angel's body the battle ships will then fire all barrels before detonating.  Unusual is an understatement, but the plan is put into operation with the successful sinking of the two ships, now all Misato needs is for Unit 02 to prise open the Angel's mouth.

Genesis 0:5/Episode 09 - With One Accord In A Flash

It would seam that Asuka is proving to be quite popular amongst Shinji's classmates, however, he, Toji and Kensuke know better having had to put up with her constant arrogance during their last Angel encounter, but it's not a complete loss.  Fortunately for them Asuka's photos don't reveal her personality, meaning a further source of income for the three.  Whilst Asuka attends her first day at a Japanese school, Kaji is shamelessly attending to his own personal interests. Having given up the doomed battle to rekindle the flame between himself and Misato, he's now taken a shine to Ritsuko much to Misato's annoyance.

The seventh Angel, Israfel, is making its way towards Tokyo-3, however, due to recent damage incurred to the city's intercept system, NERV are forced to engage the Angel at the water's edge just before it reaches land.  It is also decided to launch Units 01 and 02, much to Asuka's dislike, to limit further damage to the city. Both pilots are soon in for a shock, however, when they discover the Angel's ability to duplicate its self.  Consequently both pilots, unprepared, confused and unwilling to co-operate together, loose the confrontation in an embarrassing manor and so NERV are forced to withdraw and rethink their plan of attack.

Fortunately the damage caused by Unit 02 and the N2 mine detonated on the Angel by the UN buys NERV some time whilst it regenerates.  NERV have six days until the Angel fully regenerates and resumes its attack on Tokyo-3.  Misato therefore has Asuka stay with her and Shinji in order to get them to co-operate before NERV implement their second attack on the Angel, however, the process of getting Asuka to work with Shinji turns out to be a tricky one, not to mention embarrassing.

Day six finally arives and as predicted the Angel resumes its attack on the city, now Asuka and Shinji must put aside their differences and work together for NERV to stand any hope of defeating the Angel.

Genesis 0:5/Episode 10 - Magma Diver

Asuka's hopes of attending a school trip are dashed when she learns that herself, Shinji and Rei are on permanent standby as ordered by Misato, matters are also made worse when she learns that Misato has got hold of hers and Shinji's report cards.  Due to their poor academic records, Misato has them both use the free time to catch up on their studies, obviously Asuka objects.

NERV learn of the possible existence of the eighth Angel, Sandalphon, an unborn Angel deep within the crater of mount Asama, it is therefore decided to descend a probe into the crater to verify the chrysalis's existence.  NERV's speculation is soon proved correct and so preparations are made for the Angel's capture.  This time NERV plan to take on the offensive as opposed to their usual defensive role, however, the events leading up to the second impact are all to familiar for certain NERV personnel, should they fail a possible third impact could be imminent. Commander Ikari's intentions to capture a living specimen for which to study also has the UN committee concerned; the last thing they need is a replay of the second impact.

Despite the controversy surrounding the plan, Ikari is given the go ahead to carry out the operation, though should any complications arise, NERV are under strict orders from the UN committee to terminate the Angel immediately.  Much to Shinji's surprise, Asuka is chosen to carry out the operation in Unit 02.  With Kaji still lurking around NERV HQ, Asuka is more than happy to take on the task, though her enthusiasm is soon lost when she gets her first glimpse of her new embarrassingly heat resistant entry plug suit.  Unit 02's D type equipment is also laughable, designed to cope with extreme conditions rather than the latest fashion, which leads to Asuka coming close to aborting the mission, however, her pride forces her onwards.

Due to the extreme pressures encountered during the descent, Unit 02's progressive knife is lost, but this is the least of NERV's problems when, having captured the chrysalis, the Angel hatches prematurely attacking Unit 02.  With no weaponry with which to take on the Angel and submerged within molten lava, Asuka soon finds herself in dire trouble.

Genesis 0:6/Episode 11 - In The Still Darkness

Having picked up their laundry, Ritsuko and Maya Ibuki, one NERV's scientists, unintentionally meet up with Commander Kouzou Fuyutsuki on their way home via the Tokyo-3 loop line.  Fuyutsuki's on important business due to represent Commander Ikari in a city council meeting.  Ritsuko makes small talk by casually mentioning the city's up coming election, but soon learns from the Commander that the election is effectively irrelevant.  Apparently the MAGI, the same three super computers that NERV use, are now responsible for most of the city's decision making.

Without any warning all power to the geo front and NERV HQ is suddenly cut and the three backup power supply systems fail to respond leaving NERV crippled.  For all three systems to fail is unheard of and a near impossibility implying one thing; they didn't go on their own accord.  This leaves NERV defenceless and vulnerable to an Angel attack, the situation is even worse for Misato who's trapped inside an elevator along with Kaji as her only source of company.  Asuka, Rei and Shinji, however, are stranded out side NERV HQ struggling to gain access to the complex, fortunately Asuka's leadership skills, based heavily on Rei's guidance, sees the party headed in the right direction.

The ninth Angel, Matariel, is headed towards Tokyo-3.  With NERV unaware of the Angel's presence and all communications with them lost, the JASDF fly directly over the city informing the inhabitants of the imminent Angel attack.  NERV eventually learn of the situation and so Commander Ikari has Units 00, now having finished being upgraded, 01 and 02 prepared for manual launch, the pilots also finally arrive in their usual argumentative manor.

All three Units are launched and engage the Angel, which is positioned directly above them and NERV HQ.  It's attacking using some kind of extremely corrosive acid, which is melting through the geo front's defensive armour and also that of the Evas'.  With the Angel's strange offensive capabilities, an all out frontal assault is out of the question, however, Asuka has a half descent plan of her own for a change, one which might actually work.

Genesis 0:6/Episode 12 - The Value Of A Miracle Is

Misato has a flashback to 2000 AD, 15 years ago, and the exact point in time when the second impact struck Earth.  She recalls how her fatally injured father hurriedly secured her within an escape pod before contact with the impact's shock wave, and then looking out from sea back on the horrific devastation caused by the first Angel.

The latest harmonics test reveals Shinji to be somewhat of a talented Eva pilot, his harmonics and synchronisation ratios are rapidly catching up with Asuka's much to her disgust, however, Misato knows that this isn't really what Shinji wants.  Later whilst being driven home after the test, Shinji congratulates Misato on her promotion to the rank of Major, but it would seem that Misato isn't to thrilled about the idea.  Nevertheless the celebrations go ahead, as ordered by Kensuke, and even Kaji manages to turn up, although accompanied by Ritsuko.

Whilst Commanders Ikari and Fuyutsuki attend business in Antarctica, home now to the true dead sea, Misato's left in charge of NERV for the very first time.  Unfortunately though, her debut as head of NERV's operations isn't going to be an easy one as the tenth Angel, Sahaqiel, shows up, this time in space directly above the Indian ocean.  The Angel's effectively a huge living bomb and is targeting NERV HQ by dropping small fragments of its self on to the Earth whilst steadily correcting its error ratio.  Once the Angel has acquired its target, NERV suspect that the Angel its self will descend on to NERV HQ effectively wiping it off the map, therefore Misato is now faced with the near impossible task of preventing such an event from taking place.

By expanding their AT fields, Misato intends for all three Evas to catch the Angel before it strikes the ground.  To describe the plan as futile would be an understatement, but with the only other option being to sit back and watch the third branch of NERV being destroyed, Misato is willing to risk all three Evas.  Prior to the operation, Misato confides in Shinji revealing her true feelings towards her father and her reasons for joining NERV, this in turn reveals her hatred towards the Angels and why she's willing to risk sacrificing the Evas.

Genesis 0:7/Episode 13 - Angel Invasion

With the advance of time comes the need for Eva technology to advance as well, therefore Ritsuko is running a new harmonics test, however, this time the pilots must undergo the test naked to avoid their entry plug suits from interfering with the results.  Ritsuko needs the data to create an emergency auto pilot system for the Evas, but this still doesn't change the awkward situation that the pilots find themselves in.

The test starts successfully according to plan, but concern is soon raised when corrosion is detected in the protein wall above the test room.  Unwilling to abort the test due to a minor technicality, Ritsuko allows the test to continue, however, this soon turns out to be a mistake when contamination within the test room is suddenly detected.  Analysis of the corrosion reveals that it is in fact a living organism, blood type blue; the eleventh Angel, Ireul.  Having infiltrated NERV HQ, the Angel starts rapidly expanding contaminating everything within its path, including the Eva simulation test bodies.  To this end the pilots' entry plugs are ejected and all three Evas launched to prevent them from being contaminated and taken over by the Angel.

NERV soon discover that the Angel has the ability to evolve at an astounding rate, its defence mechanism is that of achieving total adaptability.  To make matters even worse, the Angel's effectively an organic computer and hacks into NERV's computer system with ease, it then goes on to hacking into the MAGI but succeeds only in gaining control of Melchior and partly Balthasar before Ritsuko devises a plan temporarily halting the Angel's progress.

Ritsuko buys NERV around two hours before the Angel continues its infiltration of the MAGI, fortunately Casper, the third MAGI, remains uncontaminated which gives Ritsuko her starting point in defeating the Angel.  She plans to hack into the Angel using Casper followed by uploading an auto self-destruct program leading the Angel to an evolutionary dead end.  For the plan to succeed, however, NERV must first reprogram Casper in time to carry out the task and Ritsuko must place all her faith in her late mother, creator of the MAGI, and Casper's ability to work faster than the Angel.

Genesis 0:7/Episode 14 - SEELE, Throne Of Souls

This episode commences with a brief recap on most of the Angels encountered to date starting with the third Angel and the first battle of Tokyo-3.  The recap also includes excerpts from characters' personal diaries and the manner in which each Angel was destroyed.

Commander Ikari is summoned to the UN committee which is alarmed at the rumoured Angel invasion of NERV and central Dogma.  As the incident was not in accordance with the committee's predictions, based on the dead sea scrolls discovered in Antarctica, they are understandably panicked by the rumour that they know to be true, despite Ikari's denial of such events claming that the committee was misinformed.  With no real evidence to throw at Ikari, however, the committee drops the issue.

Whilst sitting within the cockpit of Unit 01, Rei experiences several surreal dreamlike ramblings mainly concerned with her existence and purpose in life.  The reason for Rei's presence in Unit 01 is due to a series of new tests being carried out by Ritsuko who is experimenting with pilot/Eva compatibility.  Rei's test proceeds nicely, however, Shinji's goes horribly wrong for unknown reasons leading to a repeat of Rei's failed first attempt to synchronise with Unit 00. Fortunately this time, however, the pilot isn't harmed physically by a malfunctioning auto ejection system, though Shinji does mentally relive some of Rei's past memories.

Again Shinji awakens in hospital, this time to find himself staring at a now familiar ceiling.  With no mental contamination he'll be fine, but he doesn't remember the events which took place during the test.  The last time this kind of incident occured it was suspected that the cause was due to mental instability within the pilot, however, this latest incident reveals that the instability came infact from the Eva!

Genesis 0:8/Episode 15 - Lies And Silence

Kaji, whilst investigating yet another company supposedly affiliated with the Marduk institute, an advisory body established under the control of the human instrumentality commitee for the purpose of selecting Eva pilots, meets up with one of his informants.  His informant reveals that all the companies investigated to date have so far turned out to be dummies, and that Kaji's latest assignment is likely to be no different.  Kaji's actually a spy secretly investigating NERV on behalf of the Japanese government, however, he also works for NERV special inspections as part of his cover.

Tomorrow's Shinji's big day, he's arranged to visit his mother's grave along with his father, however, he's not sure as to how to handle the situation or what to say.  It's been a while since Shinji last spoke to his father properly, and the two haven't exactly been on speaking terms since the day Shinji ran away.  On several occasions now Gendo's been seen talking happily with Rei, they have the kind of relationship that Shinji has always sought after, but why this relationship exists between them is unknown to Shinji, with this in mind he seeks advice from Rei.

Kaji, Misato and Ritsuko go out for the night to relax and relive old memories.  In Misato's temporary absence, Kaji learns from Ritsuko that there is still hope for him and Misato yet, he's also given a friendly piece of advice cautioning him to keep his nose out of NERV's more delicate matters.  Ritsuko claims to have important work to complete and so leaves the others to finish off the night, however, Misato ends up finishing off a little too much drink instead.  Kaji escorts a drunken Misato home, actually he carries her.  On the way she confides in her exlover revealing her true feelings towards her father and generally drowning her sorrows, but when she starts putting herself down Kaji intervenes with a kiss.  It would seem that Misato still cares a great deal about him and that Ritsuko might just be right after all.

The following morning Misato catches Kaji breaking into the very heart of NERV, terminal Dogma.  With a gun pointed to his head, Kaji has few options, though Misato's soon left stunned when he reveals one of the many truths kept hidden from her, the first Angel; Adam.

Genesis 0:8/Episode 16 - Sickness Unto Death, And...

The latest set of results from NERV's now routine harmonics tests reveal that Shinji's synchronisation ratio has now surpassed that of Asuka's, obviously this pisses her off to no end.  Knowing this gives Shinji a lot more confidence in himself, so much so that when the twelfth Angel, Leliel, shows up, Shinji gladly accepts the option to take up the point position for the mission.

Unfortunately Shinji's new found self confidence leads to him taking on the Angel alone, however, this is a huge mistake with an outcome which no one could have predicted.  Shinji's volley of fire at the Angel suspended above the city has no effect, the Angel merely vanishes, after which a large shadow forms under Unit 01 which pulls Unit 01 in completely engulfing it whilst Shinji can only scream in terror.  Currently unable to defeat such an adversary and with the loss of Unit 01, Misato, with extreme reluctance, orders Units 00 and 02 to fall back.

Based on what little data NERV are able to establish from the Angel, Ritsuko concludes that the object seen above the city is in fact the Angel's shadow, and that the expanding void on the city floor is the actual Angel.  The Angel's only three nano meters in depth, but contained within the ultra thin space in an inverted AT field containing the Angel's body.  Ritsuko takes control of the operation with a plan to drop all nine hundred and ninety two existing N2 mines into the Angel's body with the hope of completely destroying it, but this is hardly a rescue plan.  So much explosive power would also be likely to destroy Unit 01 along with Shinji, but Ritsuko would rather see the Eva destroyed as opposed to loosing it to the Angel.  Misato's disgusted with the fact that the Evas take priority over the pilots, however, she has no say in the matter. Again Misato is left in the dark, what's so special about the Evas?

With Shinji capable of surviving for only sixteen hours, in minimal life support mode, without external power and his time nearing the end, Ritsuko decides to advance the operation with the slim chance of rescuing him in mind.  But as the order is issued to drop all N2 mines something extraordinary, and yet also horrifying, occurs inside the Angel's body.

Genesis 0:9/Episode 17 - The 4th Child

Misato is summoned before the UN committee where she is questioned directly on the events that took place during the last mission and whether she believes the pilot of Unit 01 to be fit to resume active duty.  Meanwhile, whilst this is all happening within NERV HQ, Toji makes his daily visit to the hospital to check on the progress of his little sister who was injured during the first battle of Tokyo-3.

All hell breaks out at NERV as they learn that the second branch of NERV in the Nevada desert, America, has just vanished from the face of the Earth along with EVA-04, its newly installed experimental S2 engine and thousands of people. Ritsuko believes the disappearances to be related to the manor in which Unit 01 was engulfed by the twelfth Angel, but without any clues as to what caused the disaster, Ritsuko can only speculate at best what happened.  Therefore the US government, unwilling to risk NERV's first branch, force EVA-03 onto the third branch of NERV in Tokyo-3, of course the decision to unload all their problems on to branch three is proving very unpopular with Misato.

With the arrival of Unit 03, NERV find themselves with the prospect of having to activate the Eva for the first time.  Ritsuko believes the use of the prototype dummy plug autopilot system would be ill advised, and so a fourth Eva pilot is found, but the speed at which the fourth child is found causes Misato to become extremely suspicious.  Unable to get any answers from Ritsuko, Misato decides to seek help from Kaji who later reveals to her that the Marduk institute doesn't even exist, and that NERV its self is responsible for Eva pilot selection.

Knowing the fourth child to be another of Shinji's classmates, Toji Suzuhara, makes Misato's task of informing Shinji of the new pilot very difficult indeed. Shinji's been through some tough stages recently, even depression, therefore Misato is understandably weary of exposing him to any more stress, but with Shinji bound to find out sooner as opposed to later, Misato figures she'll have no choice but to tell him regardless.  Asuka's also not looking forward to the arrival of the new pilot, the last thing she needs is more competition.

Genesis 0:9/Episode 18 - The Judgement Of Life

Misato, who reveals the rumours to be true, finally confirms Shinji's suspicions concerning the second branch of NERV and EVA-04 along with its experimental S2 engine.  Apparently Unit 03's scheduled for arrival at the Matsushiro test facility today and so Misato's off to over see the initial activation of the Eva, however, she assures Shinji that all will be ok, and that she'll be back in the afternoon.  Again she can't bring herself to reveal the identity of the fourth child who will pilot the Eva during its first activation test.

Toji reluctantly accepts the responsibility of becoming the pilot for Unit 03, however, he only does so on the condition that his little sister be transferred to one of NERV's private hospitals where she'll receive specialist care and treatment. Although Toji attends school as usual, he spends most of the day out of class contemplating what he's let himself in for, his new behaviour also arouses suspicion in both Shinji and Kensuke who's desperate to be chosen as a future Eva pilot.

Unit 03 finally arrives at Matsushiro and the test gets immediately under way despite Misato's lack of enthusiasm, but what would normally be a routine test by now, turns into a nightmarish disaster when the thirteenth Angel, Bardiel, is detected within the Eva's body!  With Unit 03 out of control and running amok Commander Ikari classifies the Eva as the thirteenth Angel and orders its destruction.  Asuka takes a severe beating failing to stop the Eva, Rei also aborts the mission when the Angel merges with Unit 00's arm forcing NERV to cut it off, however, Shinji just can't bring himself to attack the Eva, he doesn't want to risk harming the pilot whoever he or she may be.

With Units 00 and 02 out of action and Shinji at the mercy of the Angel, Commander Ikari orders the activation of Unit 01's dummy plug.  Despite having carried out no prior testing of the dummy plug system and vigorous objections from Maya, the order to initiate the system is carried out.  With the dummy plug active Shinji can only scream and look on in horror as he is unable to prevent Unit 01 from literally ripping Unit 03 apart.

Genesis 0:10/Episode 19 - A Man's Fight

Seeing the wounded pilot being pulled from the Unit 03 wreckage to be Toji is too much for Shinji to cope with, as a result Shinji's mind finally lets go and almost snaps.  He refuses to leave the cockpit of Unit 01, starts threatening to level NERV with the remaining battery power he has available to him and almost goes so far as to telling his father face to face that he hates him.  In the end Shinji is forcedly removed from the cockpit as ordered by an impatient Commander Ikari who Shinji later finds himself answering to.  Though instead of confronting his father and letting go of his anger, Shinji chooses again to run away and resigns as the pilot of Unit 01.

Fortunately Toji recovers and is visited by Hikari Horaki, supposedly the concerned class representative of class 2-A, but there's more to her visit than mere concern. Hikari has recently become extremely fond of Toji, however, she still can't seem to find the right time to express her feelings towards him.

The fourteenth Angel, Zeruel, arrives along with all its destructive power intent on reaching Adam in terminal Dogma.  With one shot it's able to penetrate eighteen layers of the defensive armour plating surrounding the geo front.  Due to the Angels awesome power, Misato has Asuka intercept the Angel directly in front of NERV HQ, however, despite Asuka's valiant effort in trying to stop the Angel, Unit 02 is completely ripped apart and its head sent crashing into the nearest shelter.  Unable to synchronise with Unit 01, Rei goes out in Unit 00 minus one arm.  She takes with her an N2 mine and attempts to penetrate the Angel's AT field blowing it to hell and back. Unfortunately Rei fails.

Having not yet left, Shinji witnesses the whole horrific battle.  Unable to sit back and watch as his friends are mercilessly butchered, coupled with a few words from Kaji, who for some reason is out watering melons whilst everyone else is busy evacuating, Shinji races back to NERV demanding to pilot Unit 01.  As the dummy plug fails to respond, NERV send out Shinji in Unit 01, but they couldn't have predicted the events to come as Shinji achieves a synchronisation ratio of four hundred percent finally awakening the savage Eva beast.

Genesis 0:10/Episode 20 - Form Of The Mind, Form Of The Man

With the savage Eva beast of Unit 01 now fully aware, it starts to mercilessly devour its fallen opponent; the fourteenth Angel, and in doing so takes the Angel's S2 engine into itself.  It then starts tearing off its armour, which was installed by NERV purely to contain the Eva binding it to their will thus allowing them to control it.  With these restraints now partially removed, NERV find themselves facing the possibility of their own creation, or rather their adapted copy, running wild in side the geo front.

Fortunately NERV are able to freeze the Eva allowing them to work on repairing it whilst in stasis.  Also both Units 00 and 02 sustained serious damage during the Angel's onslaught and as for the pilots, whilst Asuka and Rei survived the incident, Shinji still remains trapped inside Unit 01.  With NERV HQ partially destroyed and part of central Dogma exposed, NERV decide to temporarily move location to their secondary control centre where they can continue to operate.  Of course none of this was in accordance with SEELE's, otherwise known as the UN committee, predictions and the committee becomes somewhat disturbed by the recent events.

Unable to get Shinji out of Unit 01's entry plug, Ritsuko's staff engage the plug's internal monitors allowing then to check on Shinji's status.  But when the monitors reveal the plug to be empty, Ritsuko finds herself admitting to the truth behind the four hundred percent synchronisation ratio, and the fact that it's not the first time that an accident like this has occurred.  She reveals that the first time this exact incident occurred was during her mother's era, and that the pilot underwent some form of change due to the LCL, Link Connection Liquid, in the plug.

Although the late Naoko Akagi, Ritsuko's mother, came up with a way to recompose the pilot with the MAGI's support, their rescue attempt was unsuccessful and the pilot's soul lost within the Eva, however, Misato isn't just about to give up on Shinji and so the operation goes ahead.  But when all's said and done, Shinji can only return to his material existence if he wants to.  Though considering what he's been through recently, this may well not be the case.

Genesis 0:11/Episode 21 - The Birth Of NERV

It would appear that Gendo has almost pushed NERV's fragile relationship with SEELE to the limit.  The committee becomes outraged with NERV's latest unauthorised creation, a God, that is Unit 01 equipped with an S2 engine.  In response to this the committee kidnap Kouzou in an attempt to learn of Gendo's true intentions.  Meanwhile NERV's second intelligence section begins a thorough investigation into the vice commander's disappearance.  With Kaji kicked off the combat roster after his true occupation became somewhat public knowledge and his present where a bouts unknown, Misato finds herself the prime target of NERV's investigation.

With the relationship between SEELE and their implementation organisation, NERV, now breaking down, the committee forcefully insist that Kouzou drag up the past thus allowing them to attempt to build a profile of the man they mistakenly put in charge of NERV, and the human instrumentality project.

Kaji manages to track down Kouzou and sets the vice commander free from SEELE's hold.  This kind of action is not without its drastic consequences, but all that Kaji is interested in is uncovering the mysteries behind the second impact, Adam and the arrival of the Angels.  He realises that distinguishing between the lies and the truths surrounding NERV is far too overwhelming for one man, and an almost impossibility in the little time remaining in SEELE's scenario.  He therefore risks seeking information from Kouzou first hand.  NERV intelligence finally catch up with Kaji, though not before he is able to pass on his knowledge.  Kaji is killed.

With her artificial family falling apart around her and her lover dead, Misato breaks down in tears.  Shinji is unable to comfort her, he still finds it hard to open up to others and to confront his emotions, all he can do is bury his feelings and run away from them, again.

Genesis 0:11/Episode 22 - At Least, Be Humane

Asuka's self confidence takes yet another beating as she comes under pressure from Ritsuko following her latest set of poor synchronisation results.  What with yet another defeat under her belt, the latest being from the fifteenth Angel, and being saved again by Shinji, Asuka's mind sinks into a state of depression dragging up her troubled past, in particular her mother's, Kyoko Zeppelin Souryu, suicide.

Misato learns that the go ahead for the construction of Units 05 to 13 has just been approved by the committee, and that the immediate construction of the Evas is taking place at seven different locations around the world. Considering the committee's past reluctance in increasing the existing budget for the construction of Evas, Misato suspects SEELE's up to something without consulting NERV first.

Asuka's synchronisation ratio hits rock bottom and at the worst possible moment as the fifteenth Angel, Arael, shows up, that is in orbit.  Despite Misato's orders Asuka takes up the point position in Unit 02, with Unit 00 as backup, determined not to fail yet again.  Unit 01, however, is held back as ordered by Gendo without given reason.  NERV's plan it to snipe the Angel with a positron rifle as soon as it enters Unit 02's range, but this is quickly amended as the Angel psychically attacks Asuka's mind crippling Unit 02.  Direct hits from Unit 00 on the Angel's AT field have no effect from such long distance, therefore Gendo orders the use of the lance of Longinus held within NERV's LCL manufacturing plant.

Despite objections from both Kouzou and Misato, and without prior approval from the committee, Gendo's order stands and so Rei heads down to terminal Dogma in Unit 00 where she pulls the lance from the chest of, the so called, Adam.  NERV claim the third impact to be the result of an Angel coming into contact with Adam, but then why risk the outcome of what NERV apparently were setup to avoid in obtaining the lance, and why risk setting Adam free along with the probable loss of the lance?  These unanswered questions arouse Misato's suspicions further, but with Unit 00 now in possession of the most powerful projectile known to man, time is finally up for the sixteenth Angel.

Genesis 0:12/Episode 23 - Tear

With the latest Angel confrontation adding further to the extent of damage to Tokyo-3, all of Shinji's classmates leave, along with most of the city's inhabitants, for the fear of losing their lives.  To add to Shinji's loneliness, Asuka goes missing, and Misato continues to shut her self off from the outside world.  The only person that Shinji can still talk to is Rei, but this soon changes as the sixteenth Angel, Armisael, arrives.

NERV send in both Units 00 and 02, now having tracked down Asuka, again Unit 01 is held back as ordered by Gendo.  The latest Angel has the ability to change its form at will, and as a result of this is able to outmanoeuvre and come into direct contact with Unit 00, where upon it starts to merge with the Eva.  The Angel's invasion of Unit 00 proceeds at a frightening rate, and when NERV learn of Asuka's inability to synchronise with her Eva due to her current mental state, Gendo is left with no other choice but to sortie Unit 01, however, this action doesn't help at all as the Angel is just too agile for any Eva to combat.  Unwilling to allow the Angel to merge with Unit 01, Rei initialises Unit 00's self destruct sequence whilst remaining in the Eva maintaining its AT field, that is its grasp on the Angel.  The Angel is destroyed, the mission completed though at a price, Unit 00 is lost and Rei is killed.

It is later revealed that Rei was in fact not killed, however, she now seems like a completely different person.  What with the loss of Unit 00 as well as the lance of Longinus and Gendo's newly found God, Unit 01, SEELE mark the beginning of the end of their fragile relationship with NERV by demanding the pilot of Unit 00 delivered to them, presumably to replace the loss of their last catspaw, Kouzou. Instead though, Gendo sends Ritsuko to be indecently interrogated by SEELE.

Like mother like daughter, Ritsuko learns of Gendo's betrayal of love towards her in that her secret lover saw fit to recreate Rei ultimately proving his ongoing love for Yui.  Out of vengeance Ritsuko reveals the truth about Rei to Misato and Shinji, that Rei is in fact the core of the dummy plug system, that Gendo has created multiple copies of her body and how all of which are no more than empty husks. Revenge driven, Ritsuko destroys the entire dummy plug system.

Genesis 0:12/Episode 24 - The Final Messenger

Due to Asuka's inability to pilot Unit 02, NERV plan for the arrival of a new pilot, the fifth child, Kaoru Nagisa.  Whilst at the same time Ritsuko finds her self subjected to interrogation whilst being detained for her actions by NERV.

The fifth child arrives and immediately takes a liking to Shinji, however, NERV, in particular Misato, are more than a little suspicious concerning the boy's arrival. Like Rei, all of his past records have been erased, except for one detailing his date of birth, and furthermore NERV determine the fact that he is capable of achieving any synchronisation ratio with Unit 02, even before they reconfigured the Eva for the child.

With Asuka now being treated for depression in NERV's hospital, and the third copy of Rei busy contemplating the reason for her existence, Shinji is now utterly alone. He can't even talk to Misato who has now immersed herself in investigating NERV aided by information from her late lover, and Ritsuko has disappeared too.  Though his loneliness isn't to last as he becomes very close with Kaoru; Shinji inexplicably finds him self talking to Kaoru about his past and what he's been through.  In fact Shinji takes an extreme risk, for him that is, in that he places his trust in Kaoru, however, his trust soon turns out to have been well and truely misplaced.

Unit 02 mysteriously activates and starts descending towards terminal Dogma. Asuka is still in hospital though, and the Eva unmanned! NERV soon identify the person in remote control of Unit 02 to be Kaoru, the seventeenth Angel!  SEELE have sent the final messenger directly to NERV!  Unit 01 is immediately rolled out to prevent the Angel from reaching terminal Dogma, but it's too late as Kaoru breaches the final security seal, thus opening heavens door.

Finally, an Angel reaches Adam, or so it would have been the case were the giant in terminal Dogma actually Adam, not in fact Lilith, that is humanity's mother. Realising this distracts Kaoru, giving Shinji enough time to defeat Unit 02 and restrain Kaoru.  Now Shinji must carry out the last wish of his newest friend, an end to life eternal, else let humanity suffer the consequences.

Genesis 0:13/Episode 25 - The End Of The World

With the third Angel through to the sixteenth destroyed, SEELE took it upon themselves to instigate the third impact using the seventeenth Angel, Kaoru, created in humanity's image by the secret organisation its self, thus allowing it to realise and manipulate the outcome of the instrumentality of man.  With the death of Kaoru, crushed to death at the hands of Unit 01 piloted by Shinji, however, came the death of SEELE's attempt to bring about their goal.

Now that the seventeenth Angel has been eliminated, there's no longer anything to prevent Gendo form achieving his own secret agenda.  When Yui died whilst attempting to synchronise with Unit 01, Gendo made use of NERV's resources to contain his wife's soul within a body created in part from an Angel.  That body and soul became what is known as Rei. Rei was not created solely for the purpose of acting as a dummy plug for the Eva series, or indeed to fill the emptiness in Gendo's life after his wife's death, Rei was in fact created primarily for the sole purpose of instigating the third impact.

With both the key elements required to initiate the artificial instrumentality of man, that is both Lilith and Rei, and with all seventeen Angels destroyed, Gendo get set to bring about his own vision of the third impact, that is the creation of a single perfect entity formed from the unity of all human souls.  In this way Gendo intends to be reunited with his wife, Yui, once more, a selfish act, yet an act blinded by love.

And thus the instrumentality of man begins...

Genesis 0:13/Episode 26 - The Beast That Shouted "I" At The Heart Of The World

To successfully summarise what goes on in this particular episode, and to a large extent the previous one as well, without writting an essay is almost impossible. Both episodes 25 and 26 comprise of a selection of brief animated sequences, static images and text which are mostly pulled from the other previous episodes.

GAINAX has managed to successfully take a firm grasp of its audience's attention from the very beginning of the series, subjecting them to the experiences of each of the series' characters in great detail, in particular those of Shinji, and ultimately promise an ending to end all endings.  But is this what you get? Well...sort of.

Writer/director Hideaki Anno twists and turns the plot around completely in the series' final hour delivering a finale with a chronic difference to anything you or I have likely to have seen before.  To quote part of an interpretation of the series' finale from an article written by Jonathan Clements in Manga Max (formally known as Manga Mania to us Brits) issue 3 on page 30, because I'm stuck for words on this one,

'And the evil, invading Angels?  Oh, they've gone.  This was never about them, it was about Shinji, the pilot sent to fight them.  These episodes take place inside his head, as he thinks through his place in the universe.'

and there you go.  I can't really sum up the goings on in this final installment of such a fantastic series, you'll just have to take a risk and go out and buy/rent it and make up your own mind as to whether or not it was worth waiting/paying for.  What I can say though, is that if you are expecting all the loose endings to be delt with and neatly tied up, along with a fight sequence to end all Anime giant robot genre fight sequences, a little romance, as well as the vital odd bit of death and destruction, ain't gonna get it.  That's what 'End of Evangelion' is for.

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Now the year is 2015.  As the remnants of the human race cower in subterranean cities, a deadly war is being waged for what is left of the planet, and for what lies there within.  On one side are the mysterious alien beings known only as the Angels, on the other, the special agency NERV and mankind's last hope for survival; the awe-inspiring Evangelions.

Yet amongst the ongoing devastation, few weary individuals at NERV struggle to uncover and piece together the agency's long buried secrets and hidden agendas along with the mysteries surrounding the arrival of the Angels.  Why was the Earth struck fifteen years ago?  A mere simple unfortunate act of nature, or perhaps an act of vengeance instigated by beings more powerful than man.  Why did NERV classify the Angel responsible for the first attack on Tokyo-3 as the third, not the first?  And just why are the only qualified Eva pilots that of children born exactly nine months after the second impact that massacred over half the human race?

The return of GAINAX

Despite a four year exile from the world of Anime, the crew at studio GAINAX, creators of the acclaimed Gunbuster series, made their explosive much welcomed return to the realm of Anime with this hit 26 episode long TV series.  Such was the success of the series that two re-edits of the final two episodes were also released; 'Death and Rebirth' and 'End of Evangelion', along with the spin-off Manga.

All 26 episodes from the series can be purchased from the distributor
A.D. Vision, both in the USA and the UK, directly.  All episodes are currently on release in both dubbed and subtitled formats.




To quote Ritsuko, an Eva is a thing created by man in mans' own image. In more detail though, an Eva is a copy of the first Angel found in Antarctica; Adam, however, modifications had to be made to allow NERV to control it.  Unlike the Angels, an Eva doesn't possess an S2 engine, therefore energy is supplied via an umbilical cable.  Should this cable become severed, an Eva can operate on an internal battery for no more than five minutes due to the current limitations in battery power, after which the Eva should supposedly cease to function.

Model: Prototype

Designated number: 00

First sortie: Episode 06

EVA-00 is the first Eva to be constructed, and is piloted by Rei Ayanami; the first child.  In order for the prototype to be a viable option for close combat against Angels, NERV upgrade the Eva shortly after the eighth Angel is destroyed.  Unit 00 has also been known to run amok on a couple of occasions.  It was initially thought to have been caused by mental instability from within the pilot, however, it is later determined that the instability originated from within the actual Eva.  It's highly likely that Unit 00's core was in fact built from the soul of Rei Ayanami.

Model: Test type

Designated number: 01

First sortie: Episode 01

EVA-01 has undoubtedly seen far more action in its time than any of the other Evas under NERV's control, it is also extremely unpredictable.  On several occasions now Unit 01 has moved without energy being supplied to it and is quoted by Ritsuko to be a berserker.  Though it is because of this Eva's rogue behaviour that many of the Angels were actually successfully destroyed and its pilot, Shinji Ikari; the third child, still alive to tell the tale.  Also, it would be safe to assume that Yui Ikari's soul exists within Unit 01's core as a result of her synchronisation accident, this would explain Shinji's frequent visions of his mother when in Unit 01's entry plug.  Unit 01 is also different from the other Evas in that it wasn't built from Adam, but instead from Lilith.  As Lilith is capable of instigating the third impact, it comes of no surprise that Gendo and SEELE value Unit 01 significantly more than the other Evangelions.  Unit 01 is effectively a viable substitute for Lilith should the need arise.

Model: Production

Designated number: 02

First sortie: Episode 08

EVA-02 is the first Eva production model to be constructed, and is therefore a template for future Evangelions, at least it was deemed to be the case at the time of its construction.  Unit 02 is piloted by Asuka Langley Soryu; the second child, and is the only Eva to have experienced extreme conditions such as engaging an Angel in aquatic combat, and worst still beneath seventeen hundred meters of molten lava.  Unit 02's core was also built from the soul of Kyoko Zeppelin Souryu as a result of her synchronisation accident.

Model: Production

Designated number: 03

First sortie: Episode 18

EVA-03's existence is that of a very short one.  It's first test activation at Matsushiro goes horribly wrong as the dormant thirteenth Angel within the Eva's body awakens taking control of the Eva, helplessly trapping its doomed pilot, Toji Suzuhara; the forth child, inside its entry plug.  NERV classify the Eva as the thirteenth Angel and engage it with Unit 01 under the control of its dummy plug.  Although the pilot is fortunate enough to survive Unit 01's attack, Unit 03 is completely dismembered and rendered useless after its bloody confrontation with the frenzied Eva.

Model: Experimental S2

Designated number: 04

First sortie: Episode 17

EVA-04's existence is even shorter than that of Unit 03's.  Unit 04 is equipped with NERV's experimental S2 engine, which is similar to that of an Angel's.  It works by converting matter into energy with no losses, but its initial activation at the second branch of NERV in the Nevada desert, America, goes horribly wrong.  As a result NERV-02 is wiped off the map along with Unit 04, its newly installed experimental S2 engine and thousands of people.  An explanation for the vast loss of life is not given, but it's probably safe to say, based on the fact that the instillation just vanished, that the engine's containment degraded, subsequently converting all mass within a set radius into pure energy.

Model: Mass production

Designated numbers: 05-13

First sortie: End of Evangelion

Not much is known about the other Evas, other than the fact that they were built at seven different locations around the world in a hurry, and that all these Evas include working S2 engines.  They are also known to be capable of extremely rapid regeneration much like that displayed with Unit 01.  As well as this, Units 05-13 are relentless in their attacks as none are piloted by a human, instead each is piloted by a dummy plug and so morality isn't an issue for them when engaged in combat.  And as if this weren't enough, Units 05-13 are all flight capable, in fact they could all be very well likened to vultures.  They are vicious deadly creatures who wouldn't think twice before tearing apart their prey.


Name: Shinji Ikari

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Occupation: Student and Evangelion pilot

Shinji is for the most part of the time an extremely troubled individual, however, most of his ordeals are worsened, and often even caused, by his severe lack of self confidence.  Shinji finds it incredibly hard to express his feelings towards others for the fear of being emotionally hurt, and is all too often unwilling to adapt to new situations.

The fact that Shinji hasn't had the best of relationships with his scheming father, Gendo Ikari, having chosen to run away many years ago, and coupled with the loss of his mother, Yui Ikari, at an early age hasn't made his life any easier to deal with.  Yet unfortunately running away from bad situations is one of Shinji's personal traits, one that he must over come in order to lead a less stressful life. Unable, or simply unwilling, to bear the company of his father after living alone in exile for so many years, Shinji chooses instead to accept Misato's invitation to live with her on his arrival to Tokyo-3, something which is a big step for Shinji. Although Misato turns out to be not quite the ideal roommate Shinji had in mind, the bizarre situation he finds himself thrown into does help him to open up a little.

Shinji is also the reluctant pilot of EVA-01, though no one really knows why he continues to pilot the Eva as he's made it quite clear on several occasions now that he would rather not be its pilot.

Name: Gendo Ikari

Age: 48

Gender: Male

Occupation: NERV Commander

As a Commander, Gendo is very experienced, secretive, always achieves results and is able to stay calm when in command, even when faced with dire situations. As a father, however, he is cold, heartless and even cruel.  Gendo has never been there for his son, Shinji, and has made no real attempts to get to know him better, despite the fact that he's capable of doing so for Rei.  He seems to almost be disappointed with Shinji and is content to treat his son as a complete stranger whom he may occasionally have a use for.  It's no wonder why Shinji chose to run away at such an early age after his mother, Yui Ikari, died.  Gendo met Yui during his University years, but it's always been assumed by many that his main reason for marrying her was so that he could get closer to her work and to the organisation she worked for, and that he had no real interest in raising a family.

Gendo may work for NERV, however, he doesn't share the same goals laid down by the UN committee, a cover in fact for SEELE, the backbone behind NERV, who seem intent on carrying out the human instrumentality project; the next step in human evolution.  The creation of a single perfect entity formed from the unity of all human souls.  Otherwise known as the third impact.  All Gendo really cares about is carrying out the last wish of his wife; the prevention of a probable third impact instigated by Angels.

Name: Yui Ikari

Age: N/A (deceased)

Gender: Female

Occupation: NERV scientist

Yui was a caring, thoughtful and content individual, she'd often be caught with a smile on her face and at times seemed almost like a child eager to experience life to the fullest.  Although an extremely intelligent and capable scientist, Yui wasn't particularly career driven, though instead sought to experience as much of life as possible.  Yui was also the kind of person who would easily make friends what with her out going personality and her polite and affectionate approach to others, and it's because of this that she was able to gain the trust and friendship of others very quickly.

Name: Rei Ayanami

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student and Evangelion pilot

Rei is extremely timid, shy and at times almost seems withdrawn from the world around her.  She finds it incredibly hard to express her feelings towards others and as a consequence isn't the kind of person who makes friends that easily.  All of Rei's personnel records have been erased, she has no parents and there is no trail leading to her past, it would seem that her existence begins at a dead end.

She was the first child to be chosen to pilot an Eva, in particular EVA-00, in accordance with the Marduk institute.  Though unfortunately she was seriously injured during her first attempt to synchronise with her Eva when it mysteriously went out of control.  Fortunately Commander Ikari rescued her and she survived the accident, her next attempt at synchronisation was successful and she has now become the active pilot of EVA-00.  Whether or not this is by choice is unknown, Rei simply seems to do as she is told without complaining, something which Shinji is known for doing.

The truth is though, Rei is in fact not human, that is not entirely.  She is a by-product of the human instrumentality project, artificially created and implanted with the soul of Yui Ikari.  Rei has only one soul, however, NERV have created multiple bodies, or vessels, for Rei's soul in the event of her death.  Indeed Rei is killed twice, by both Naoko Akagi and the sixteenth Angel.

Name: Ritsuko Akagi

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Occupation: NERV head technician

Ritsuko is very secretive and seldom talks about herself or her family, but it is known that she didn't get along with her mother, Naoko Akagi, creator of the MAGI super computers used by NERV, that is on a personal level.  She works closely with Commanders Ikari and Fuyutsuki and knows a great deal of the truths behind the mysteries surrounding the second impact, Adam and the arrival of the Angels.

She is also friends with Misato and Kaji having known them both for many years.  Although Ritsuko is fond of Kaji, the two are merely good friends, she knows Kaji still cares for Misato.  Ritsuko herself though is still single mainly because she doesn't really know how to act around men.  This is most likely because she has spent most of her life alone what with her mother dead, having committed suicide in front of the MAGI many years ago, and without a father during her childhood. Therefore Ritsuko has pretty much got on with her life by emersing herself in her work, something which is very important to her.

Name: Naoko Akagi

Age: N/A (deceased)

Gender: Female

Occupation: NERV head technician

Naoko, it would seem, was more interested in her work than in what life had to offer, she spent the majority of her time working for Gehirn and in doing so shut herself out of the world around her.  Her devotion to her work, however, wasn't without its rewards, Naoko was the main driving force behind the development of the MAGI super computers used by NERV.  Though with all her time and energy put into her work, Naoko rarely made enough time for her daughter, Ritsuko, during her childhood.

Naoko was having an affair with Gendo after Yui's death.  She committed suicide in front of the MAGI, however, when she learned of Gendo's betrayal of love towards her from the first copy of Rei, whom Naoko then killed out of vengeance.  Gendo never stopped loving Yui, Rei's existence alone was proof of that.  Realising this was enough to send Naoko over the edge, and in the process Gehirn lost an individual who'd rendered such remarkable service to the MAGI system.

Name: Misato Katsuragi

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Occupation: NERV operations director

Misato is an energetic, determined and strong willed individual who's not afraid to take charge of a bad situation, that is when she's not busy drinking.  Misato joined NERV after the death of her father, who died saving her life during the second impact whilst leading the Katsuragi expedition in Antarctica, intent on exacting revenge against the Angels for her loss.  She soon acquired the rank of Captain and shortly afterwards that of Major, and is appointed as NERV's operations director with explicit control over Evas 00, 01 and 02 in the absence of both Commanders Ikari and Fuyutsuki.

As well as working for NERV, she is Shinji's voluntary guardian, although her attitude and behaviour towards him is more of that expected from an older sister.  Despite her sisterly approach to Shinji and her occasionally bad domestic habits though, Misato does manage to go a long way into helping Shinji to over come his problems, and in getting him to open up a little.  Misato has also taken on the role of Asuka's guardian.

Misato is also Kaji's old lover and at one point lived with him, but she broke off the relationship when she realised how similar to her father he was.  Despite this though, she still cares greatly for him, although admitting to this in public would be unlikely, and it's not inconceivable that they may soon become once again more than just good friends.

Name: Kaji Ryoji

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Occupation: NERV special inspector

Kaji is quite the playful type who officially works for NERV special inspections, however, he also secretly works for the Japanese government investigating NERV's true intentions on their behalf.  Kaji has a nose for trouble and enjoys nothing more that living out the life of some kind of secret agent or spy, but his desire to act out this kind of role will undoubtedly eventually land him in the worst of situations.

Although his relationship with Misato ended years ago, he's never really given up the battle to win her back and it's possible that they may at some point get back together, despite objections from Asuka who can be seen clinging to Kaji whenever the opportunity presents itself.

As far as bad habits go, Kaji is hardly perfect in that he can often be found playfully hitting on women.  While not a crime in itself, this type of behaviour doesn't score him any points with Misato, neither does neglecting to shave, something which Misato is always picking up on.

Name: Asuka Langley Soryu

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student and Evangelion pilot

Asuka is extremely confident and constantly struggles onwards trying to better herself over others.  Since her mother, Kyoko Zeppelin Souryu who worked for NERV, went insane after an accident, in which she tried to synchronise with EVA-02, and later committed suicide many years ago, Asuka has immersed herself heavily in her own pride; possibly her way of dealing with her tragic loss.  As a result of this she is often unwilling to accept any kind of help and advice from others, and will rarely ever admit to making a mistake.  She can also be very annoying at times and is known to look down on people, especially Shinji, however, she would never intentionally hurt the feelings of others.

Since moving to Japan, Asuka has taken up on Misato's hospitality choosing to live with her and Shinji, but with her interest in Kaji and her overall attitude towards Shinji, the decibel level in Misato's apartment has risen somewhat since her arrival.

Asuka is also the proud pilot of EVA-02, and is probably the only Eva pilot who actually enjoys and takes pride in being a pilot.  Although she puts a lot of effort into piloting EVA-02, unlike Shinji she is not a naturally talented pilot, it is therefore extremely likely that this is the reason for her pointless ongoing rivalry with him.

Name: Kouzou Fuyutsuki

Age: 58

Gender: Male

Occupation: NERV Commander

When in command, Kouzou is not all that dissimilar to Commander Ikari in that he too remains perfectly calm even when a situation turns nasty.  He can, however, be a little apprehensive at times, but will take the time out to engage in idle conversation with lower ranking NERV personnel.  Unlike Gendo, Kouzou is more likely to play it safe as a posed to taking big risks, and although Kouzou maybe a decade older than Gendo, it would seem that his role in NERV's hierarchy is more of that of a vice-commander.  It's Commander Ikari who seems to have the last say, that is when he's not away attending other more important matters.

Kouzou is a former professor at the Kyoto University.  It was there that he first met Yui Ikari, one of his students, who introduced him to Gendo.  A few years later after the second impact, the two met once again, and it was at this point that Gendo, who by now was in charge of project E; the project to revive Adam, invited Kouzou to work along side him in creating a new era for man.  Despite accepting the offer, Kouzou has always believed Gendo in fact knew that the second impact would take place, and as a result of this left the Antarctic Katsuragi expedition the day before the incident, along with all the collected research data.  But even Kouzou is kept in the dark about some secrets, especially those concerning SEELE and his fellow Commander.

Name: Maya Ibuki

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Occupation: NERV Lieutenant

Maya is a friendly and polite individual who enjoys her work, is grateful for living in the twenty first century and is the kind of person who welcomes technology openly.  Maya is easily disturbed by scenes of violence and aggression and hence is more of a pacifist in nature.  Maya is also an incredibly hard worker, is eager to please and will rarely ever over step the mark as far as her position in NERV is concerned.

Maya is a technician at NERV and works closely with Ritsuko as her assistant for most of the time, in a way, Maya has earned Ritsuko's trust and respect and considers her to be her mentor.  Maya has a great deal of respect for Ritsuko, and will willingly follow Ritsuko's wishes even if she herself doesn't quite agree with them.

Name: Makoto Hyuga

Age: 20 (something)

Gender: Male

Occupation: NERV Lieutenant

Though he may not look it, Makoto is actually an incredibly strong willed, determined and brave individual.  He takes his job at NERV extremely seriously and doesn't think twice about laying his life on the line when it comes to battling against the Angels.  Makoto would seem to be the type of person who doesn't get out that much, though this is more likely to be the result of the amount of effort he puts into his work as opposed to a problem of self confidence.

Indeed Makoto spends long hours working at NERV, both during and after official working hours, and it's during these unofficial working hours that Makoto's true personality comes to light.  He loves nothing more than digging up those secrets and hidden agendas kept out of sight by both NERV and SEELE, in effect Makoto's true job is that of Misato's secret mole inside the very heart of NERV.

Though Makoto and Misato will never become anything more than friends, Makoto cares a great deal about Misato and will gladly carry out her wishes, even if this means over stepping the mark and potentially jeopardising his career in NERV.

Name: Shigeru Aoba

Age: 20 (something)

Gender: Male

Occupation: NERV Lieutenant

Shigeru is generally a very laid back kind of person who doesn't take life too seriously, though in the heat of battle, however, Shigeru can become quite apprehensive and tense, and at times even overly concerned.  Despite his lazyish approach to life though, Shigeru takes his work at NERV extremely seriously and always delivers results.

Shigeru is heavily into music and as a result of his interest also plays the guitar, relentlessly, so much so that he can often be seen practising chords, using an air guitar, on the job whilst all's quiet.

Name: Toji Suzuhara

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Occupation: Student and Evangelion pilot

Despite Toji's tough guy type appearance, he's actually quite a thoughtful individual who gets along well with others, especially with Shinji and Kensuke, and who cares very much for the welfare of his little sister, who was injured badly after being crushed by falling debris when the third Angel attacked Tokyo-3.  With his father frequently away on important business due to work obligations, Toji often spends time before and after school hours caring for his sister in hospital where he regularly visits her at least twice a week.

As well as looking the school tough guy, Toji spends most of his time looking at other more important things, girls, women and in particular Misato who he has a heavy crush on.  He'll often go out of his way just to say 'Hi' or to catch a glimpse of her.

Toji also pilots EVA-03, however, his decision to become an Eva pilot was hardly by choice.  He only accepted the responsibility of piloting the Eva on the basis that his sister be transferred to one of NERV's specialist hospitals where she'd receive the best medical care and treatment.  As a result of having to hold up his end of the deal, and having heard of some of the grief that the other Eva pilots have gone through, Toji, as most would imagine, isn't exactly enthusiastic about the whole affair.

Name: Kensuke Aida

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Occupation: Student

Kensuke is a thoughtful and intelligent individual who pays great attention to details, and is also a fanatical war enthusiast intrigued by all things loud and destructive.  Unfortunately though, his passion for instruments of war has got him into some tight situations.  Desperate to get a glimpse of the action on tape, especially battles involving the Eva series, Kensuke has ended up on the battle field several times, and even once managed to find himself, along with Toji, in EVA-01's cockpit; quite possibly the apex of his achievements to date

With his mother dead and his father often away working on important projects, Kensuke has become an independent sort capable of looking after his own.  He attends the same school as Shinji and the two along with Toji have become the best of friends.  Kensuke also appreciates and shares Toji's interest in Misato, despite having to listen to Shinji's on going roommate horror stories, and is determined to make it as a future Evangelion pilot.

Name: Hikari Horaki

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

Hikari is a pleasant, friendly and well organised girl who lives with her two sisters whom she assumes responsibility for.  At school Hikari is representative for class 2-A and is very dedicated to her job, it's a position which she aims to fulfil to the best of her abilities.  She may be a little bossy at times, however, this is only because she wants to set a good example and maintain the smooth running of the class.

Although she gets along well with most of her classmates, Hikari gets along particularly well with Asuka and the two have become the best of friends.  Hikari also has a crush on Toji, that's when she's not busy ordering him around, however, she finds it hard expressing her feelings towards him in person.

Name: Kaoru Nagisa

Age: 14

Gender: Male (appearance)

Occupation: Evangelion pilot

Kaoru is softly spoken and polite at all times, even during combat.  He seems to be extremely open with people, especially with Shinji, though always carries an air of mystery around with him.  His affection towards Shinji helps Shinji to partially overcome his fears of other people's perception of himself, though Shinji's newly placed trust in Kaoru turns out to be sadly misplaced when it is learnt that Kaoru is in fact an Angel.

Kaoru is not all that dissimilar to Rei in that he too has had his personal records erased from existence, though it is known that he was born on the same day as the second impact.  While an explanation as to how Kaoru came to be is not given, based on the fact that he is an Angel, and hence exhibits Angel properties much like Rei, and is sent by SEELE directly to NERV to instigate the third impact, it is likely that SEELE created Kaoru in much the same way as Gendou brought Rei into existence.

The fact that Kaoru was created from Adam explains his ability to synchronise with an Evangelion with ease, and at any desired synchronisation ratio provided that his soul is more dominant than that of the Eva's.  This ability is useful in that he was allegedly sent to NERV to replace Asuka as the pilot of Unit 02, though not so when his true motive comes to light.

Name: Pen Pen

Age: 2

Gender: Male

Occupation: Domestic penguin

Pen Pen can often be seen wondering back and fourth around Misatio's apartment, that's when he's not lounging around or suffering from the ill effects of his owner's futile attempts at cooking.  Pen Pen may well be a warm water penguin to most, but to Misato Pen Pen is more of a companion and a good source of company when she's feeling lonely and down.

Pen Pen permanently wears a portable air conditioner on his back for use during his walkabouts around Misato's apartment, though when he's off duty, Pen Pen lives a comfortable lifestyle in Misato's somewhat over sized refrigerator, that's when he's not busy relaxing in her bath.  Pen Pen also seems to be reasonably intelligent and clever, and at times has an almost cunning look about him as though he's planning something big.  This aside, however, Pen Pen gets on extremely well with almost anyone, especially with Misato, Asuka and Hikari i.e. females, and would seem to have an interest in Shinji's attempts at classical music.


Name: Adam

Designated number: 1st

First appearance: Episode 21

The very first Angel was discovered in Antarctica during the Katsuragi expedition lead by Misato's father.  It was there that the first Angel, Adam, was found, described by those few survivors of the expedition team as a glowing giant. Humanity had found their god of gods, but when humanity attempted to contain what they had found, by reducing Adam to his embryo form, their god fought back, the second impact...  Adam vanished, and was not seen again until many years later when humanity revived their god, from his remains found after the second impact, containing him in his embryo form.  Then came the Angels.

Presumably Adam possesses similar abilities to the Evangelions constructed by both NERV and SEELE as the Eva series was created from Adam.  In line with this presumption then, Adam most likely possesses superior strength over that of all the other Angels along with the ability to rapidly regenerate making the Angel the ultimate close combat opponent.  As with all the other Angels, Adam possesses an S2 engine capable of providing an infinite source of energy, and it is rumoured that Adam has the ability to manipulate this energy in many devastating ways which would nicely explain the melting of Antarctica.  Adam also possesses an AT, Absolute Terror, field, that is a kind of almost impenetrable force field, like all the other Angels, though its effectiveness is unknown.

Name: Lilith

Designated number: 2nd

First appearance: Episode 15

Presumably the second Angel is Lilith, the Angel held by NERV deep within terminal Dogma and mistaken by Misato and Kaji for Adam.  Little is known about Lilith and where she came from, however, the seventeenth Angel, Kaoru, refers to humans as lilims, implying that Lilith is humanity's mother.  The room Lilith resides in deep within terminal Dogma is actually NERV's LCL, Link Connection Liquid, manufacturing plant, it is here that Lilith hangs nailed to a large scarlet cross with the lance of Longinus buried within her chest preventing growth to the lower part of her body.  NERV collect the blood that flows from Lilith's body and use it as LCL, this is picked up on by Shinji who frequently comments on the fact that an Eva's entry plug smells of blood.

Lilith is also the key to the human instrumentality project and the third impact.  Apparently Lilith is capable of instigating the third impact and so is therefore invaluable to both Gendo and SEELE, however, Unit 01 is equally as valuable being built from Lilith, and hence effectively a viable substitute for Lilith should the need arise.

Name: Sachiel

Designated number: 3rd

First appearance: Episode 01

Sachiel is the first Angel to assault Tokyo-3 following the destruction of Adam, though it's fifteen years after the second impact before Sachiel attacks the city. Why the long wait is a mystery, though its been rumoured that the Angels laid dormant on Earth until the second impact which some how awoke them from their dormancy.  Like the Angels to follow, Sachiel challenges NERV alone, there would appear to be no systematic organisation amongst the Angels.

Sachiel is extremely well suited to the role of assaulting the enemy being equipped to despatch of both long range and close combat opponents.  Sachiel's armament includes that of two ramming devices built into the palm of both hands, capable of delivering an incredible amount of pressure, and some kind of launcher mechanism used for projecting a type of high yield energy projectile with an unprecedented blast radius across long distances.  This aside, however, Sachiel's AT field isn't as powerful as those exhibited by many of the other Angels, and the Angel's agility is mediocre at best, though Sachiel's extraordinary strength, ability to skim across surfaces and powers of regeneration more than makes up for this.

Name: Shamshel

Designated number: 4th

First appearance: Episode 03

Only three weeks after the devastation caused by Sachiel, the Angels' follow up their attack on Tokyo-3 with their next messenger of death, Shamshel.  Shamshel is solely suited to the role of close combat, and as a result of this is equipped with two what can only be described as laser tentacles, and it's these tentacles that Shamshel uses to savagely dissect opponents with.  Shamshel's tentacles are so powerful that they can even manage to penetrate cleanly through the torso of an Eva, despite the protection provided by an Eva's defensive armour.  Other than these awesomely powerful laser tentacles, Shamshel carries no further armament, though the Angel is capable of skimming across surfaces in much the same way as Sachiel.  On the downside, however, Shamshel's AT field is as bad as Sachiel's, though the chance of an opponent scoring any hits on the Angel what with Shamshel's lethal tentacles flying around is slim.

Name: Ramiel

Designated number: 5th

First appearance: Episode 05

Ramiel is by far one of the more powerful Angels to be pitted against the awesome might of the Eva series.  Ramiel's armament consists of a drilling or boring device, which the Angel uses to attack NERV directly, and an exceptional AT field, so powerful in fact that the spatial changes in phase generated by the field can be seen by the naked eye.  As if this weren't enough, Ramiel is also capable of skimming across surfaces and possesses a devastating accelerated particle beam cannon capable of shooting right through an Eva given roughly five seconds.  Ramiel also indiscriminately targets opponents that enter within a set distance of the Angel, thus all in all Ramiel is a flying fortress capable of decimating those foolish enough to approach.

Name: Gaghiel

Designated number: 6th

First appearance: Episode 08

Gaghiel is the only aquatic Angel to be pitted against NERV and, unlike most of the other Angels, is relatively lightly armed.  Gaghiel's armament consists solely of a set of huge razor sharp teeth that are used to tear apart opponents, Gaghiel's jaw is so powerful that the Angel can quite easily bite right the way through the torso of an Eva.  Gaghiel is also massive, and as a result of this can use its immense size and weight to serve as potentially devastating weapons during close combat. Despite the Angel's size, Gaghiel is extremely agile and fast which is vital to the Angel as it has no means of which to engage opponents at long range, and so therefore relies on its speed and agility to rapidly engage the enemy in close combat.  Gaghiel also possesses an AT field like all the other Angels, though its effectiveness is unknown.

Name: Israfel

Designated number: 7th

First appearance: Episode 09

Israfel is the first Angel to be engaged by two Evas simultaneously and, due to the damage incurred to Tokyo-3's intercept system, is also the first to be intercepted by NERV as opposed to the UN and/or JSDF.  Despite being attacked by both Units 01 and 02, Israfel manages to dispatch of both its opponents due to the Angel's unique ability to separate into two separate Angels.  Besides this bizarre ability to separate its self, Israfel also possesses some kind of offensive laser weapon, though its destructive power is somewhat lacking compared to the destructive arsenals at the disposal of most of the other Angels.  Israfel's AT field is also extremely poor, however, the Angel is fairly agile and also possesses a set of razor sharp claws, and is hence therefore well suited to close quarter assault.

Name: Sandalphon

Designated number: 8th

First appearance: Episode 10

Sandalphon is not all that dissimilar to Gaghiel, though is capable of surviving extremely hot temperatures, what with the Angel's natural habitat being within an active volcano, as opposed to Gaghiel.  Sandalphon is also a lot smaller in comparison, however, this is most likely due to the fact that Sandalphon is discovered by NERV during its infancy and so isn't fully developed at the time of the Angel's discovery.  Sandalphon relies on its speed and agility to rapidly engage the enemy in close combat, much like Gaghiel, as the Angel possesses no means of which to engage opponents at long range.  Sandalphon's only means of attack comes from its razor sharp teeth set into the Angel's powerful jaw, though this is more than enough to inflict extensive damage on any of the Angel's opponents.  Sandalphon also possesses an AT field like all the other Angels, though its effectiveness is unknown.

Name: Matariel

Designated number: 9th

First appearance: Episode 11

Matariel is possibly one of the weakest Angels to attack Tokyo-3, and also the first Angel to be attacked by Units 00, 01 and 02 simultaneously.  Matariel has only one means of attack being that of projecting extremely corrosive acid towards its opponents, however, this form of attack is slow and coupled with the Angel's limited agility makes for a pretty ineffective weapon.  Matariel also possesses an extremely weak AT field which is not even capable of standing up to a short volley of fire from an Eva's standard issue rifle.  These weaknesses serve only to hamper Matariel in combat and so the Angel relies chronically on its ability to stealthily approach opponents unnoticed, thus gaining the element of surprise giving the Angel the upper hand in combat.

Name: Sahaqiel

Designated number: 10th

First appearance: Episode 12

Sahaqiel differs massively from the other Angels in that the Angel's one and only weapon is in fact its self.  Sahaqiel is effectively a huge living bomb capable of dropping small amounts of its self, from the Angel's orbital position outside the enemy's firing range, on to targets below with devastating consequences.  Though this may seem like an odd, yet extremely effective, way of dispatching of the Angel's opponents, Sahaqiel actually uses this unique ability to gain an absolute lock on its target, after which Sahaqiel descends on to its target thus eliminating not only its self, but also its target, along with a sizeable portion of the surrounding area!  Sahaqiel has the potential to be truly devastating, which is why Sahaqiel's AT field is reasonably strong thus preventing the possibility of taking out the Angel at long range before delivery of its apocalyptic payload.

Name: Ireul

Designated number: 11th

First appearance: Episode 13

Ireul is almost the perfect Angel, or rather collection of Angels.  Ireul is composed of colonies of nano machines which work together to form a single functioning intelligent circuit capable of adapting to any environment or situation it may encounter, thus Ireul's survival mechanism is that of total adaptability through continual evolution hence making the Angel an almost invulnerable opponent. Ireul possesses no armament, however, as the Angel is effectively an organic super computer, Ireul is quite capable of hacking into computer systems thus causing acts of sabotage.  Ireul is also capable of merging with matter thus allowing the Angel to merge with its opponents attacking from within, and like all the other Angels, Ireul possesses an AT field, though its effectiveness is unknown.

Name: Leliel

Designated number: 12th

First appearance: Episode 16

Leliel is definitely one of the more bizarre Angels that NERV find themselves pitted against.  Leliel is six hundred and eighty meters in diameter with a thickness of three nanometers within which is an inverted AT field, the sphere projected above Leliel is in fact the Angel's shadow.  More intriguing is the fact that within the Angel's AT field is an alternate dimension or another galaxy, describable purely by abstract mathematics, which makes up the Angel's body, and it is into this world that Leliel lures and traps its victims.  Leliel expands silently beneath its opponents pulling them into its body and is quite capable of trapping an Eva indefinitely in this way, indeed Leliel could quite easily engulf an entire city should the need arise thus making the Angel a formidable opponent.

Name: Bardiel

Designated number: 13th

First appearance: Episode 18

Bardiel exhibits similar properties to that of a parasite and hence is one of NERV's darkest fears come true, that is when the Angel invades Unit 03 taking over complete control of its host and trapping its pilot inside the Eva's entry plug.  Obviously this unique ability allows the Angel to adopt all the characteristics of its host and so depending on the Angel's choice of host, Bardiel can quite easily prove to be an exceptional opponent.  As Bardiel chooses to invade and take control of Unit 03, NERV find themselves battling against the very same tool with which they intend to destroy the Angels, meaning NERV have to face off against one of their own defected living Avatars.  Of course there's also a moral issue at stake, what with the pilot of Unit 03 trapped in side that which NERV intend to destroy.

Name: Zeruel

Designated number: 14th

First appearance: Episode 19

Zeruel, at first glance, appears to be similar to Shamshel, though rather than being equipped with a set of laser tentacles, Zeruel possesses a set of cruel, lethal and flexible razor sharp blades which the Angel uses to slice apart its opponents. These blades are so devastating that they can even slice an Eva apart, this is also made doubly worse when considering their surprisingly long range.  As if this weren't enough, Zeurel also possesses a kind of launcher mechanism used for projecting a type of high yield energy projectile in much the same way as Sachiel, though the effects from a single volley of fire from this weapon are truly devastating.  To make matters even worse, Zeruel is capable of skimming across surfaces and has an impressive AT field making the Angel the ultimate assailant.

Name: Arael

Designated number: 15th

First appearance: Episode 22

Arael is very similar to Sahaqiel in that Arael too is capable of maintaining an orbital position outside the enemy's firing range and possesses a single long ranged means of attack.  Arael is capable of probing the minds of its victims forcing them to relive past memories best left forgotten, in effect Arael mentally rapes its opponents before eating away at their minds leaving them paralysed as a result of severe brain damage.  As with Sahaqiel, Arael's AT field is reasonably strong thus preventing the possibility of taking out the Angel at long range, and so because of this Arael proves to be more than a challenge for NERV and their predominantly land based Eva series.

Name: Armisael

Designated number: 16th

First appearance: Episode 23

Armisael is undoubtedly the fastest, stealthiest, and most agile, Angel to confront NERV, in fact Armisael is so fast that the chances of an opponent actually hitting the Angel with ranged, or even close combat, attacks are slim.  Armisael is also capable of altering its physical form, which further adds to the Angel's manoeuvrability, and has an impressive AT field which allows the Angel to easily rip through the defences of its opponents.  As well as this, Armisael is capable of merging with its opponents attacking from within in much the same way as Ireul, though this is Armisael's sole means of attack and so the Angel relies on it's rapid manoeuvrability to engage the enemy in close combat.

Name: Tabris, aka Kaoru

Designated number: 17th

First appearance: Episode 24

Tabris, unlike any of the other Angels, is human in appearance and hence is able to infiltrate NERV unnoticed which is vital as Tabris possesses little in the way of offensive capabilities.  Although Tabris's armament is limited, the Angel does, however, possess the ability to synchronise with an Evangelion both directly and remotely with ease, and at any desired synchronisation ratio provided that the Angel's soul is more dominant than that of the Eva's.  This ability allows Tabris to take control of the very same tool with which NERV intend to destroy the Angel. Besides this unique ability, Tabris is also capable of generating an exceptionally strong AT field.


End of Evangelion

I saw the End of Evangelion
and all I got was confused.

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End of Evangelion movie poster
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Evangelion is the ultimate in giant mecha shows. When it first appeared in Japan as a 26 episode TV series, it was slotted into a weekday evening time slot, one that is usually reserved for general audience TV shows, rather than the usual kiddy fare time slot. At the time it was first produced, no one expected it to be such a huge hit. And considering their target audience was expected to be older, Gainax initially had no plans for merchandising Evangelion toys.

Over the course of the initial 24 episodes, the teenagers, Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and Toji, met and defeated the giant monsters that came from who knew where, often at great personal cost. Around episode 14 or so, the series seriously veered into an introspective mode, examining the motives and psychology of the NERV personnel. The angels started to retreat into the back ground.

Then episodes 25 and 26 of the TV series came along, wrapping up the series. Rumors had it that Gainax ran out of time and money to produce a proper concluding end, and instead slapped together a cheesy, introspective analysis of Shinji and other characters, illustrated primarily with clips from past shows, and still art, while the voice of Shinji and others narrated their thoughts and feelings. It was said that this introspective look was an analogy for Third Impact. The TV series ends with the troubled Shinji finding a sense of self worth for himself. In all, many fans considered the final ending to be a huge disappointment. Hideaki Anno, the author, was even said to have received death threats from fans. It was decided to produce a new ending, made for theatrical release, which would free Gainax from the criticisms of the PTA and other morality groups in Japan who didn't like the tack that the TV show had been taking. This would free Hideako up to push the envelope like it had never been pushed before.

The first theatrical release was actually two movies, Death of Evangelion and Rebirth of Evangelion. They were released together. Death was a clip show of the first 24 TV episodes with some new, previously unreleased material spliced in. Rebirth then begins the actual new movie material. It starts with NERV personnel wondering if they were going to be laid off or reassigned now that the last angel was destroyed, and ends with them wondering if they were going to survive the attack by Japan's defense forces, while a just woken up and seriously p.o.'d Asuka is guiding Unit-02 into a fight against said forces (who in a very cooperative manner fly their Hellfire missile equipped helicopters close enough to Unit-02 that Asuka can take them out with simple martial arts). Then when End of Evangelion came out several months later, it replayed this first half of the movie, now redubbed as Air and as the 25th episode, and then, after an intermission, played the second half, which is labeled as episode 26, and is named Pure Heart.

Rei, nude, unconcerned.The thing that is different about Evangelion, compared with just about any other heroic action show, is the way Hideaki Anno takes the whole genre, and turns it onto its ear...and makes it work. Your typical show has a tall, good looking heroic type, willing to risk his (or her) life in the fight to save the world? Well this series has a whiney 14 year old who would rather be anywhere else, and is only doing the hero-schtick because he is too much of a good kid (or wimp) to ever think of doing anything except what he is told to do. Heroic co-stars? Try a red-headed rhymes-with-witch who is looking for love in the wrong places while alienating the ones who could be her real friends. Or a blue-haired, pink-eyed girl who MIGHT be half-human! One major support character seriously over-imbibes in alcohol on a regular basis, to help deal with her own post-traumatic stress disorder. The list goes on. One by one, we learn how all of our characters have major faults. The one character who actually might have his head screwed on right is Kaji, who is a sneaking spy and womanizer...but for all the right motives!

Also a typical heroic series has huge and ugly monsters to fight against. Well, in this series, the angels as monsters start fading into the background, as you slowly begin to learn who the true monsters are. Save the world? Heck, let's destroy it instead. Its more fun that way. Hideaki certainly took some chances with this one, and that's why it succeeds in grabbing the imagination. So let's analyze some of the elements of End of Evangelion. Anyone with additional interesting insights, please email me, and if I agree, I'll put them in (assuming they fit).

Spoiler Alert! Proceed no further if you haven't seen End of Evangelion and want to be surprised.

First, if you want to read a copy of the End of Evangelion script, episode 25 click here, or End of Evangelion script,episode 26 click here. This was a translation someone did of a Chinese dubbed version, before the English version were available, so it will not match the official English release. But then it is sometimes interesting to see how two translators differ in their interpretation.

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Episode 25 - Rebirth of Evangelion.

Flooded WorldEpisode 25 starts, showing water, and flooded buildings, a pervasive theme in this flooded, half ruined post-Second Impact world. As alluded to in the first 24 TV episodes, when Second Impact happened, Adam grew to gigantic proportions. This first angel is a matter/energy converter, and its ability to release a massive amount of heat energy over the Antarctic ice cap caused the ice cap to melt, resulting in massive world flooding as the sea levels rose about 3-400 feet. All of the coastal cities were suddenly flooded and about a third of all humanity perished in the calamity.

Asuka catatonicIn the beginning of this episode, Hideaki Anno takes his first shot at Shinji early when he has Shinji whining to a comatose Asuka in her hospital room. "Wake up! Please wake up! You're the only one who can help me!" Instead of waking her up he only succeeds in rolling her over and causing her hospital gown to pop open revealing her breasts and underwear. Shinji, overcome with lust, proceeds to lock the door to her room and then stimulate himself over the catatonic, half-naked Asuka. Lust sated, he then condemns himself as being the lowest of the low. It just sets the stage for what Hideaki intends to put Shinji, his ultimate anti-hero, through, in this, the close of the series.

Misato hacking into NERV's computersCut to Misato, who is busy hacking into NERV's computer network to find out the truth about the organization that she works for - "So, mankind, a race of flawed and separate entities, has reached the end of its evolutionary potential. The Instrumentality Project will manufacture the evolution of man's separate entities into a single consummate being. And the committee won't use NERV or Adam. They'll use the evas. Just like Kaji said they would."

Cut to the SEELE monoliths discussing the situation with Gendo Ikari - "The time is at hand. Without the Lance of Longinus, we cannot use Lilith to complete the project. Our only hope is to procede using Lilith's only true offspring, Eva Unit-01." Gendo denies that this needs to be done. The monoliths and Gendo continue to debate the Human Instrumentality Project - the forced evolution of man into one giant God-head, where all souls are joined together in perfect peace and purpose. Gendo appears to be at cross-purposes with SEELE. Monolith 1's response (Keel) is to say "Then I will save death for you all." This forshadows SEELE's hostile takeover bid of NERV.

Tokyo Defense Forces attack without mercy.NERV comes under attack by Tokyo Defense Forces. Special Forces Soldiers who are under the impression that NERV is working to control or destroy the world, attack NERV without mercy. Orders are to execute non-combat personnel. The Eva pilots are to be shot on sight.

Misato takes command!Misato takes command of the situation and orders the catatonic Asuka to be placed in Unit-02, and Unit-02 to be launched into the bottom of Tokyo Harbor. In her condition she knows that Asuka is a helpless sitting duck, but she judges it to be Asuka's best chance at survival. Then she orders Shinji to Unit-01, but initially Shinji is no where to be found. The finally locate him, in withdrawal himself, hiding under a stairwell, with soldiers heading in his direction. Having watched the soldiers ruthlessly executing other NERV personnel, Misato has no illusion about Shinji's chances of survival, unaided.

Misato to the RescueMisato runs to the rescue, just as the soldiers have located and are about to execute Shinji. One soldier's comment to Shinji as he pointed a gun at Shinji's head, is "Sorry kid, nothing personal!" Misato arrives, guns blazing, and two soldiers go down before they have a chance to respond. Misato pins the last soldier to the wall, with a gun pointing up to his chin, and says "Nothing personal", and then shoots and kills him.

Misato kisses ShinjiBut Shinji has reached the point of only wanting to die. Misato has to motivate him to live. She braves out her wounds and kisses him. Telling him, "That was an adult kiss. We'll do the rest later." She then pushes him onto the elevator going to Unit-01 and closes the door behind him. Then she collapses from her wounds and bleeds to death. As she dies, Rei appears as a ghostly apparition, looking down on her body, right before the area explodes due to munitions fired by the Tokyo Defense Forces.

Asuka reliving her childhoodMeanwhile, Asuka is revived from her coma when the Tokyo Defense Forces drop an N2 bomb on her position. At first, she is traumatized, having all of her life flash in front of her. Asuka relives the moments when she is a little girl. Her mother was a single parent - Asuka having been the product of a sperm donation from a sperm bank of Nobel prize winners. Her mother was also a brilliant researcher who had worked on the NERV program, creating the Evas. But it seems perhaps that the Evas only worked when a human soul had been taken into them. Yui's soul had previously be taken into Unit-01, and her body never recovered, when Shinji was only four years old. Asuka's mother tried an experiment using herself as the test subject. It worked, and Unit-02 became a viable Eva, but Asuka's mother was left as a hospitalized mental invalid, unable to recognize Asuka as her own daughter, instead cuddling a doll to herself as if it were her daughter and telling her to ignore that "girl over there" (Asuka). On the day that Asuka was notified that she was selected to be the pilot of Unit-02, she excitedly ran to her mother's hospital room to tell her that she was going to be an Eva pilot, only to find that her mother had committed suicide by hanging herself, and Asuka was the one who found the body. After that, Asuka never cried again, and was determined to be tough, the best of the best.

Asuka's back!On fully awakening from her catatonia, after reliving her life's traumas, Asuka realizes that her mother had never left her. Rather, her mother was with her whenever she was in Unit-02, protecting her with an AT-Field as powerful as anything on Earth. Asuka is now fully awakened, back to full form as a pilot of one of the mightiest fighting machines created by man. She is ready to handle anything that the Tokyo Defense Forces can throw at her, and she will be taking no prisoners.

Unit-02 vs. Tokyo Defense ForcesAsuka fights off all of the offensive forces arrayed against NERV. Her first response is to lift a battleship that had been dropping depth charges on her, out of the water in Tokyo-3 Harbor, and use it as a shield against incoming artillary. She then tosses the battleship against ground forces arrayed around the lake. Missles and helicopter gunships also prove no match for her armor and AT-Field. The soldiers however, target Unit-02's weak link, its dependence on its power cable, and sever it.

SEELE's response is to dispatch the Eva Units numbered 05-13, all equipped with S2 engines so that they are self powered, and with wings. Each also has a dummy plug so it is controlled from a remote site, instead of an internal pilot.

Asuka vs. Production Evas Asuka's power cable having been cut in the previous fight, Unit-02 has only 3.5 minutes of power left when the production model evas arrive. Or as she puts it, "Fight off 9 evas? 20 seconds per eva? Plenty of time!" She then proceeds to demonstrate the superiority of an internal pilot and combat experience as she tears through the 9 evas like a tiger through a bunch of puppies. This is really Asuka at her best - fighting against insuperable odds, and winning, if only temporarily. At least she never gives up!

Asuka vs. Production EvasGendo has located Rei deep inside the facilities of NERV and taken her to Terminal Dogma, where Lilith hangs, crucified to the wall. But Ritsuko Akagi confronts Gendo Ikari and Rei in Terminal Dogma. She pulls a gun and announces that she changed the magi's settings when she reprogrammed the firewalls. She pulls a gun and tries to shoot Gendo. But Caspar, the computer portion of the magi that represents her mother's personality, denies her the ability to fire the gun at Gendo. She is shocked, "Mother! You would choose your lover over me!" Gendo pulls his own gun and then announces, "Ritsuko Akagi, the truth is..." The rest is not translated on the English language DVD. But Ritsuko then calls Gendo a liar, right before he shoots and kills her. A ghostly apparition of Rei in her school girl outfit floats in the air, watching Dr. Akagi's death dispassionately.

Shinji at Unit-01 encased in bakeliteAs for Shinji, he has reached Unit-01, but it is encased in bakelite, and he can't even enter the unit. While Asuka is cursing him for not being there to help her in her fight against the production model evas, Shinji sits down, helpless and miserable.

Unit-02 pierced by the Lance of LonginusAsuka is cleaning out the last of the production unit evas with less than a minute of power in her reserve. Then one of the eva weapons comes flying at her. She stops it with her AT field, but it twists and deforms into an artificial Lance of Longinus, the only weapon known to successfully pierce an angel's or eva's AT field. The lance flies through Unit-02's head, piercing it just as Unit-02 runs out of power. Asuka feels every bit of the pain just as if the lance has pierced her own head. Unit-02 collapses backwards, pinned by the lance. The destroyed production model evas then reactivate and begin a self healing process that demonstrates the superiority of not having a human operator. They descend on Eva Unit-02 and disembowel it, like so many flying buzzards on a dying carcass. Asuka feels every pain of being disemboweled as well. Unit-02 is finished.

Unit-01 awakensShinji is huddled by Unit-01, unable to reach it, and on hearing the news that Asuka was likely dead in Unit-02, says, "I can't get to eva. There's nothing I can do." On cue, Unit-01 activates, as it has on a couple of previous occasions, and reaches out to Shinji, breaking through the bakelite encasing it. Shinji realizes that his mother, whose soul animates Unit-01, is doing this. Evangelion Unit-01 has awoken. Self-powered by the power supply of one of the angels it has defeated, it breaks forth from NERV with a display of awesome power that nothing made on earth can match. Hurricane forces stirred up by the power released by Unit-01 batters the Tokyo Defense Forces. Inside, Shinji is riding, as if he cannot be made to interest himself in all of the tragic things going on around him. But when he sees the ruined carcass of Unit-02, he begins to go crazy himself.

End of Episode 25

Episode 26 - "My Pure Heart for You"

Episode 26 begins with Shinji inside Unit-01, rising out of the damaged NERV facilities. The energy release from the Eva is awesome, and hurricane-force winds batter the Tokyo Defense Forces surrounding NERV. Shinji on the inside of the Eva, however, seems resigned to being carried along on the ride - an anti-hero scripted to carry on to the fate assigned to him, without understanding why it is all happening.

Gendo is standing with Rei before Lilith. He tells her "Release your AT field." Rei's left arm separates from her body and drops off. Gendo then places his hand on Rei's breast. His hand is the transformed embryo of Adam, which Gendo had been carrying with him at all times, covered by a glove. It merges into Rei's body.

The production evas lose interest in the ruined remains of unit-02, and capture unit-01 instead, carrying it upward high into the air. Shinji is carried along for the ride, doing nothing constructive. Eva's lances pin Unit-01 in the air in a spread-armed, crucified fashion. Keel, of SEELE, comments that Unit-01 has been stigmatized, parallelling the stigmata of Jesus Christ when he was crucified. The evas release their S2 engines and proceed to go into reverse AT fields. Maya, reading the computer readouts of the action, announces that the readings match Second Impact, and that Third Impact has begun. A huge explosion from an N2 mine fired by Tokyo Defense Forces blows away all that is on the surface outside of NERV, but not NERV itself.

Gendo announces to Rei, "It's begun. Now it is time to take me to Yui once more." But Rei says flatly to Gendo, "I will not be a puppet for you to control." She rejects Gendo, and when he pulls back from her, she takes Adam into her body removing it from his arm. Her left arm, which had dropped off previously, now reforms using Adam, which she had taken into her body. She floats up to Lilith, while Gendo begs her to take him with her, so he can see Yui again. But she simply replies, "I can't. Ikari is calling me." She then announces, "I'm home," and is absorbed into Lilith's body. This accomplishes the forbidden union of Adam and Lilith, thus triggering Third Impact.

Lilith falls forward, off of her crucified position, and arises, with the mask falling away from her face. The body is transformed, to become the body of a giant, transformed Rei. It begins its ascent straight through the walls, floors, and ceilings of NERV, no more substantial than a ghost. Maya, at Central Command, reads the tremendous energies involved. Another asks, "Is it an angel?" Maya replies, "No, it's human!" Then Rei passes through her, on the way to the heavens.

Rei assumes gigantic proportions, and assumes a position in front of Unit-01 and Shinji. Shinji totally freaks out when confronted with an angel-sized Rei Ayanami.

SEELE monoliths: "Through the destruction of the Eva-1 pilot, humanity will now be completed." Cyborg guy, "The Third Retribution is finally at hand. Amen!" It is a weird kind of ceremony in which these men of SEELE are trying to trigger Third Impact, fulfilling the Human Instrumentality Project, and forcing all of mankind to join together into one giant God-head (or something like that). It is commented on as the force evolution of mankind.

The eva fields begin resonating with each other. As Professor Fuyutski asks, "Have the evas begun merging with Rei?", the evas begin transforming with multiple Rei faces all over. Shinji only freaks more. He begins to flail at the eva controls, trying to get away, but Unit-01 won't respond. Fuyutski pronounces, "The pilot's ego won't take much more of this!" Shinji, at the controls, only repeats over and over "I can't take it any more!" The giant Rei transforms into a giant Kwaouru, the only person who Shinji ever felt, accepted him as he was. And Shinji, who had previously killed Kwaouru in episode 24, is comforted.

Professor Fuyutski "The fruit of life is held by the angels. The fruit of wisdom is held by man. Eva Unit-01 now possesses them both." Unit-01's S2 engine is pierced by a lance, and the unit transforms into the Tree of Life. "The Tree of Life has been formed again. The fate of man kind now lies in Shinji's hands." This triggers multiple episodes in which Shinji begins exploring his own life. Somehow Shinji's acceptance or rejection of human existance as he has known it will decide whether Third Impact will succeed in joining the whole human race together...or fail.

Shinji begins a flash back to a young child hood playing in a sand box with a young Asuka and Rei(?). Then the mother comes and takes the playmates away, leaving Shinji, whose mother, Yui, vanished into Unit-01 when he was only four, all alone, to play with until dark. He builds a pyramid out of sand that resembles the pyramid at the NERV complex, and contemplates it. Then he kicks it down.

Teenaged Asuka: "Enough already! God, you're annoying!" Shinji replies, asking, "Because I'm just like you?" Asuka chibi-izes and cries out "Momma!" Shinji and Asuka are then transported to watch a session of love-making between a younger Misato and Kaji. Shinji asks, "Do adults really do things like this?" Asuka pronounces "It's just two depressed people licking each other's wounds!"

Everything begins devolving into an exploration of Shinji's difficulties with human relations, particularly with Asuka, who in the past has constantly teased Shinji, practicing female wiles on him, while trying to attain Kaji as a boyfriend. But Kaji only looked at Asuka as jail bait. Shinji comes to Asuka who is crying on a table, asking her for help. But she only gets mad at him, "You never even learned to love yourself! You don't even like yourself!" She continues to berate him. "Pathetic!" she pronouncesat one point. When he asks again for her help, she replies "No." He then tries to strangle her in his fantasy.

Gigantic ReiThe anti-AT field field from Lilith is expanding, and materializing. Lilith/Rei is seen expanding from the earth, and cradling the Egg of Lilith in her hands. Makoto, Maya, and Shigeru are monitoring the situation at the NERV command post. Shigeru had previously commented that the Egg of Lilith was the source of all human life. Now whether life continues on Earth will be according to the will of Lilith. Shigeru then announces that "It's AT field has exceeded critical limits! Soon individual entities will be unable to maintain their individual forms!"

Fuyutski pronounces, "The Chamber of Gaf has opened." Rei's manifest everywhere that people have recently died. Their bodies turn into LCL fluid. Those who are alive, see Rei, and then see a manifestation of the one who they love most. Then their soul is taken and their body is turned into LCL fluid. Fuyutski see's Rei turn into Yui Ikari. Maya, who is lesbian, is visited by Ritsuko. Makoto, who was in love with Misato, sees her coming to him. Shigeru, ends up cowering from multiple Reis under a desk. It doesn't help. Keel, one of the SEELE members, pronounces "The beginning and the ending are one and the same. All is right with the world." He melts down, leaving a puddle of LCL fluid and all of his cybernetic enhancements.

Gendo finally reveals his motives for triggering Third Impact, to be with his beloved Yui again. Yui comes to him, and Rei manifest separately at her side. He reveals the same distrust that anyone could ever love him, that Shinji manifests. He is also confronted by Rei and Kwaouru, questioning his ability to form bonds with those around him. When he dies, instead of being taken by the one he loves most, Unit-01 manifests and bites his head off.

Gigantic ReiThird Impact spins on, with all the people on Earth dying, their souls taken up swirling around the Egg of Lilith floating between in Rei's hands, witnessed only by Shinji.

Suddenly we cut to an empty movie theater. The empty theater one sees is the theater where End of Evangelion first previewed. Gainax staff shot footage of the theater while it filled, and the audience as they sat waiting for the movie to start, and then hurriedly spliced the footage into the movie itself so as to involve the audience in the experience of the film.

The Giant Rei, floating the Egg of Lilith between her hands, the begins spraying blood from its neck, and slowly dies.

Shinji awakes in a world that is without AT fieldsan ambiguous world. Rei is sitting on top of him with her hands passing through his chest as if they are not therea world where "we are all one. This is the world you wished for. Your world." When he asks if he has died, Rei tells him "No. Everything has joined as one." She further tells him that this is the world that he had hoped for.

Shinji tells her that he doesn't believe that it is the world he had hoped for. Rei tells him, "If you hope that other people exist again, your heart will separate everyone once more. But you will be frightened of other people, again." Shinji tells her "It doesn't matter." He asks Kwaoru to reestablish the AT fields again. He does so, and Third Impact fails.

Last two people on Earth Shinji finds himself on a beach next to an ocean of LCL fluid, with an injured Asuka beside him. Maybe because of all the times he's teased her, his response is to do what he had fantasized about, and try to strangle her. But she stops him with a touch to the cheek, and he breaks down and cries. She then says her closing line, which in English is translated as "How disgusting." This line is very misunderstood. In Japanese, the line is "Kimochi warui", which can be translated as "I feel sick", "I don't feel well", "What a disgusting feeling", "How disgusting", "I don't like this feeling", or "This feeling sucks". The Japanese language tends to deemphasize personal pronouns. This line seems to repesent Asuka commenting on how she feels, rather than insulting Shinji one last time.

What if those two are the last human beings on earth, protected because they were inside their evas through Third Impact. If they are, then I wonder if perhaps the human race is doomed.

Well, this is my take on End of Evangelion.