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Welcome to imlinked's Great Teacher Onizuka page. Onizuka, a 22 year old graduate student of some fifth rated university. The leader of the karate club, and also the head hancho of the motorcycle bike gang. His occupation... a construction worker getting paid minimum wage. What kind of a bleak future will hold this man? Well, why not become the teacher of the most prestigious school in Japan? GTO starts off with Onizuka depressed as hell. Spending his precious hours staring up the stairs looking at some chick's skirts. Suddenly, out of the blue, Onizuka meets up with the most cutest girl his ever seen. A high school girl at that! Well, what a day for him, right? Not! The girl sucks him into taking her out in a date. Due to this, Onizuka ends up lying about everything dealing with his life. From his occupation as some famous writer, to the fact that he owns a porche. However "great" and "impressive" impression Onizuka made on the girl, he never would've expected the turn of events. As things seemed like it was going well, the girl jumps off the building of a Karaoke room, to her former lover... some 50 year old ojisan! Onizuka was traumatized at this turn of event. When all was good, when everything seemed like it was going his way, the girl ditches him for some old pervert. Well, it probably was a good thing, because this event finally got Onizuka up in gears to become a teacher. And not just ANY teacher... but the Great Teacher Onizuka.


episode guide

Episode 1

GTO - The Legend Begins (Double Episode)

Onizuka is assigned to teach a class of juvenile delinquents. In the class, he meets the beautiful, young Nanako Mizuki. He invites her to his place, but finds out it was a plot set up by the class to blackmail him.


Episode 2

Enter Uchiyamada!

Onizuka decides to interview for a teaching position at the prestigious Holy Forest School. On the day of the interview, Onizuka rescues a cute young girl from the Holy Forest's vice principal, Hiroshi Uchiyamada!


Episode 3

Late Night Roof Diving

As a new term begins at Holy Forest, Onizuka begins his lifelong dream of running a class. Unfortunately, Onizuka learns that everybody who has taught his new class has left because of the mental stress.


Episode 4

The Secret Life of Onizuka

A disturbing picture of Onizuka is going around school. Onizuka starts to worry about himself, thinking he might have multiple personalities. The truth is, his students are plotting against him.


Episode 5

GTO - An Eye for An Eye, a Butt for a Butt



Onizuka exacts his own kind of revenge on bullies



Episode 6

Conspiracies All Around

The PTA threatens to fire Onizuka


Episode 7

The Mother of All Crushes

Home visits with Mirai's single mom create trouble


Episode 8 

Bungee Jumping Made Easy

Murai jumps for honor and a laugh


Episode 9

Onizuka and the Art of War


PE teacher Fukuroda takes on Onizuka




Episode 10

Outside Looking In

Tomoko Nomura is an outcast in Onizuka's class - concerned about her, Onizuka tries to teach her how to have more confidence.


Episode 11

To Be Idolized By a Nation

With Onizuka's encouragement, Tomoko attempts the Idol try-outs ... but she needs a lot of support from Onizuka as the big moment approaches


Episode 12

The Formula for Treachery

Teshigawara-san, the mild-mannered math teacher, views Onizuka as a threat to his pursuit of Mrs. Fuyutsuki


Episode 13

Only the Best Will Do

Onizuka is in hot water with the brass once again due to his 'unorthodox' methods ... now he needs to score extra high on a test to save his bacon


Episode 14

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Fuyutsuki encourages Onizuka to study hard - an action he, of course, misinterprets as a different sort of interest



The Great Sacrifice

Onizuka breaks up a kidnapping, ruining his own test.



Beauty + Brains = A Dangerous Mix

Teacher Killer Urumi Kanzaki makes her 1st appearance.



Falling for the Great Onizuka

Urumi finally opens up to Onizuka ... on a rooftop.



How to Dine and Dash

Onizuka is blackmailed into buying a sushi feast with no cash.


Episode 19

Private Investigations

Holy Forest Academy is under siege from Urumi's dangerous pranks.


Episode 20

Love Letters



One day, a love letter is found in Murai's shoe box with the initial 'F' on the envelope. A female student, Kujirawaka, put the letter in his box as a favor to one of her friends. However, Fuyumi Kujirakawa's initial is also 'F.' Kusano and Fujiyoshi think that the love letter is from Kujirakawa, but, in fact, it is from Akane Fujita, Fuyumi's friend.



Episode 21

Revolution Everywhere

Fuyutsuki, young and beautiful, is popular among male students. And, of course, female students dislike her just as intensely. One day, the girls finally kick her out of class. Losing her confidence, Fuyutsuki runs away from school. Onizuka heads toward Hakuba, Fuyutsuki's special memorial place, taking Kikuchi, Murai, and Toroko, with him.


Episode 22

The Art of Demolition

A film crew decides to blow up an old school building where Fuyutsuki and Hitomi share a lot of memories. At first Hitomi feels betrayed by a former teacher whom she trusted, but Onizuka somehow succeeds in talking her through her problems. Even so, she decides to act out and sneaks into the school building filled with explosives.


Episode 23


There is an epidemic of threatening superstitious mail at Holy Forest Academy. Onizuka himself receives a pile of cursed letters. But having no interest in any form of superstition, he burns them all. Next day, ominous incidents begin to befall him, and eventually he becomes ill.


Episode 24

Compromising Positions



Great Tutor Onizuka takes on a new assignment ... Uchiyamada's daughter!



Episode 25

Playing Doctor - GTO Style

Holy Forest Academy gets a new nurse.


Episode 26

Onizuka Meets His Match

The last stand of a street racer.


Episode 27

GTO - Agent To The Stars

William Morris, move over ... Onizuka tries his hand at being a talent agent.


Episode 28

Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong



Tomoko is exposed to the harsh reality of professional pageantry.



Episode 29

Studies in HIgh Finance

Onizuka's students learn the fine art of embezzlement.


Episode 30

Money Talks, GTO Walks

Onizuka tracks down a missing student after he is accused of theft.


Episode 31

Destination: Okinawa

To make up for past mistakes, Onizuka promises to take the entire class to Okinawa


Episode 32

The Law Of Probability



Onizuka goes for broke and gambles his future on one raffle ticket ... and, in true Onizukan fashion, proceeds, of course, to win a Mercedes E430 - the sale of which more than covers the money for the student trip Okinawa.



Episode 33

Search and Rescue

Miyabi must choose between her pride and a fate worse than death.


Episode 34

Good Cop / Bad Cop

A person from Onizuka's past stirs up controversy within the ranks of Japan's finest. Plus a little fleeing-the-Yakuza thrown in for good measure.


Episode 35

Wedding Bell Blues

Murai suspects a secret wedding when he spies his mother at a bridal boutique.


Episode 36

Self-Improvement: Fuyutsuki's Transformation



Fuyutsuki goes shopping for a swimsuit for the field trip to Onizuka ... an errand that proves far more complicated than you might think ...



Episode 37

Living Together

Even on a field trip, Yoshikawa has to deal with the requisite bullying by Anko.


Episode 38

Great Treasure Onizuka

Blinded by his greed, Onizuka forces his students to search for a treasure thought to be exist somewhere on Ishigaki island ... and rumored to be worth 2 trillion yen!


Episode 39

Alone in the Dark

Yoshikawa and Anko share a life-threatening experience; totally ignorant of their plight, Onizuka continues his mad quest for the treasure.


Episode 40

Matters of the Heart



Anko sorts out her feelings for Yoshikawa; while the Vice-Principal experiences a rejuvenation of his love for teaching.



Episode 41


Onizuka devises an interesting game at the end of the Okinawa trip; Anko and Yoshikawa are paired up and she's just about to share her feelings with him when they are interrupted by some local punks itching for a fight ...


Episode 42

Old Wounds Revisited

Noboru Saito - last year's homeroom teacher - is the victim of a horrible assault ... and suspicion falls on Miyabi.


Episode 43

Onizuka's Final Battle

Onizuka leads students and teachers in a vigorous defense of Miyabi; in the process he ruffles more than a few feathers and, of course, puts his job on the line once last time.


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Poison :Singer: ???, Description: GTO's first ED

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